Scavenger Hunt from Life #114: May 11 - May 19

Fletch, thanks! I always thought eating crabs was too much work, even though the meat was so sweet. I'll deal with king crab legs though. Jamaica Bay did have some good crabbing.

Went for a pedicure today and hid a little sketchbook in my lap in a magazine while I stealth sketched.
11 - feet - ink


12 - pocket and belt loop - Sketch & Wash pencil


13 - animal (stuffed) - Sketch & Wash pencil

Jo: Absolutely mavelous of the bowl of ribbons. I'm speechless.

Ned: Love your sketch of the crustasian as well...Top -notch

Joan: fantastic of dedication to sketch during pedicure...great job with the sky and the jean seams.

#4 sub. ball or marbles with a cluster of Chinese lamps
#5 glasses
#6 sub. a gardening tool with the giant lifting tool or a crane by the bank of ChaoPhraya River



#7 to do with a hobby ...observing ChaoPhraYa river, all my bridge is our Bhumibol suspension bridge.


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Ai, many thanks. I love your sketch of the suspension bridge. Looks like it could be one of the new ones we have here in NY. I laughed at the substitution of the giant crane for a gardening tool. Good digs. up the earth. lol Love seeing your outdoor adventures.
Hi everyone, thanks all on the bowl of ribbon. I like painting ribbon, the crinkled one is a challenge.

Fletch, probably won't get framed but might show up for December. May add an ornament.

Ned, have baseball fun. Today is the last game at Disch-Falk field for a Big 12 game. Texas is going to the SEC. Not too happy about that. We've had a Longhorn Network for TV and will now be on ESPN and that is expensive, well not as much as going to the games. Ha.

Joan, fantastic to sketch secretly during your pedicure. Great jeans sketch and love the rabbit.

Ai, your sketches have taken us all around your home. Amazing bridge and sketch. Yes very clever on the digging tool!
In the BookFactory sketchbook with Micron 03
Number 6 potato peeler - couldn't decide. Red is Micron 005
Number 7 stack of something - potholders
Number 8 eye - Gene's, he wears an eyepatch to cover the weak eye and not put so much stress on the good eye.

Jo: Thank you. Love the potato peelers and the stack of something. Nice eye patch.

Joan & Joe1: Thank you.
Jo, thanks. Great trio of peelers...and it does look like Gene is looking in the rear-view mirror.

I'm posting the next hunt a little early because I'm going to be on the road all day tomorrow. This hunt still has time, so please keep posting here until it ends. I'm heading to pick up my sister in NJ early tomorrow and then we are heading up to visit another sister and her family in Maine for a few days. I will check in from up there. The new hunt can be found here.
Joan, thank you. Have a fun trip!! Guess you will get a lobster roll. I want to try one. I do like PoBoys, shrimp or crawfish and guess the roll may be slightly similar.

Ai, thank you so much.

Grand-dogs and baseball so no sketching. Our team won! We had a good time!
Ai -- great job on the bridge and the cranes. Garden tool sub gigantic crane made me laugh too.

Joan -- the crab was still... had been eaten on the other side by gulls. I like the stuffed animal! Wow I hope you get to eat a Maine lobster!

Jo -- those sketches are good, you got nice contrast in the one with the peelers. My team won both games in extra innings, the night game with a walk-off HR. Had a great time! I can see why people like the night games there, it was fun. Don't tell Joan but I like Dungeness crab better than lobster too ( not that I don't like lobster! ). Once when I was at a meeting on the East Coast, I had a dinner with all different kinds of crab. I like Dungeness better than all the others, even Alaskan King crabs.

Fletch, the one in my drawing was a rock crab ( they are very good to eat too ) but Dungeness is the most common here.

:) I wasn't going to post this but seeing Ai's hobby, my hobby can be that I love to visit new places. This morning before the game I walked around the park that has John Muir's house. I made a quick sketch while I was waiting for them to open.

#5 related to hobby of visiting new places :)
Thanks all on my sketches.

Ned, ahhhh, fun at baseball. Exciting in person and with last minute wins. Ours were as well. Big 12 Tournament starts Tuesday in Dallas this year. We went for a few years to Oklahoma City for that.
I love your hobby. That used to be ours. Visited all 50 states and most of the provinces in Canada.
Your sketch is great of the Muir house, interesting tour I bet. I like your sketchbook and color pad.

Ai, I know those are favorite tools. Lovely job on that. You do so well in direct watercolor. And look at you go with the pastels. Good scumbling to blend the colors. Applause!

Fletch thanks for the Hunt. See all y'all on the next with Joan.

I sketched from the porch with a look out in the field for reminders of the flowers.

Number 9 colorful - wildflowers, in the Canson watercolor sketchbook with a Pilot pencil and watercolor, then ink added which I like better.


Photo for this one and scan for below. Better color in the scan.

Jo - I like the ones with ink added too. Do you know what those red flowers are? They are wonderful in that field!
Ned, they are Indian Blankets. They are pretty red and then get the yellow fringe.


The others are Mexican Hats that haven't developed the high crown yet. You can see more by looking at Texas wildflowers or wildflowers on my blog. :) These are both getting a bit sad from the heat and lack of rain. We'll get to see them a while longer.