El Arte de Sevilla (x-posted still life)


oil painter
Sunshine appeared here for November darkness so my camera man took a new photo of this still life. Also the painting is now more dry. The other photo I posted to still life forum earlier is taken by me inside my studio without lights on b/c it would have only given a glare to painting. Here in Creative Spark we can cross post the same painting so here it's again.

I entered this painting already to a local "Home for Christmas" exhibition where requirement was red color in the painting so this one qualified.
size: 55x70 cm (21.5x28 in), oil on canvas (2xoil primed).
Much better lighting on this now. You can see all the tonal ranges in the BG, and how the flowers fade into it. It is stunning moscatel! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️