El Arte de Sevilla


oil painter
"El Arte de Sevilla", 55x70 cm, oil on linen canvas. Painting from life. It's difficult to take a photo of something so dark.
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Wow! Outstanding!!! It really is. I think the photo still came out good despite how dark the paint is in some areas. I can see the dynamics of all the blends here. It's stellar in every way! Just mind-blowing. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Well done. very good piece of work. i like Velasquez a lot. great composition and objects picking.
Wayne, Perry, Maureen, Esther and Lazarus, thank you!
Lazarus, I'm a Velazquez fan too. I bought that huge and heavy Velazquez book from Prado Museum in Madrid.
I can imagine that it's difficult to take a picture like that, but I think it has turned out great. Lovely composition!
DM, I took this photo without light bulbs on in my studio but opened the door to the terrace outside (although cloudy and pretty dark this time of the year) which is behind the painting so there was coming light from outside to the back of the painting. This is how I manage to take a photo of this dark thing but it looses much of the colors. I should really wait until sunshine - whenever that will be ... sigh .. next spring 🥱 - and use the sunny daylight to try a better photo. There is color in the objects but it isn't showing now. Thanks for your comment!
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This is really wonderful......it is rich and intriguing....I am loving that red (and the way you have picked it up on the reflection in the pot). I enjoyed looking at this a lot ! Thank you for posting it.