Your weirdest, craziest work?


SLG posted a pretty interesting piece of his in the Pastel forum so I thought about making a thread for us to post our oddest works. Please join me! Pretty much all of my work is weird, but I think I have some that are crazier than others, so I'll start with this one called The Devil in Me. It's oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches.


Okay, here's another called The Miserables. Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.


I like weird and I love the idea for this thread. And your work is wonderfully weird! I love this Richard Tuttle statement, The artist does what the society would never do. I find that ultimately freeing. Anyhow. How's this for weird. Kooking Bananas. 😄


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I don't really do weird or crazy, at least not in any serious kind of manner. Closest I came was a quick sketch for an answer on Quora that dealt with cryptozoology:


And for some reason I can't recall anymore, a sketch of my favorite fictional murderer and cannibal:

2019 Goldberg Variations small.jpg
Iain, Those bananas are bananas! How'djhoo doo dat?

Brian, I like those a lot! I love your illustrative style.

laf, your style is wonderful too. I really like your pen work and how original it is. It's abstract and figurative. I like those two things together. The "hats" remind me of the furry ones that the ultra Jewish Orthodoxy wear.

Sno, I have seen this one before and it's beautiful and nightmarish at the same time. Everything is so amazingly well rendered. It would be a perfect representation for a Hitchcock movie.
Arty, your work is always weird and I mean that as a compliment. :giggle:
Iain, The image is so yellow that I completely missed the bananas! :oops:
Brian, those are quite good!:giggle:
Lyn, I love the two gossipy ladies. 😊
Sno, I have seen this one before and it's beautiful and nightmarish at the same time. Everything is so amazingly well rendered. It would be a perfect representation for a Hitchcock movie.
Thanks Arty. Yes, I've posted it before. Just some of the things that nightmares are about, some of them are mine. :)
Here are a few more:

Dr. Hawaiianstein, oil and pencil on birch panel, 24 x 36 inches.


Helicopter Pants, oil and pencil on birch panel, 11 x 14 inches.


Ice Balloons, oil and pencil on linen, 20 x 16 inches.


Two Girls, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.


Edith, oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches.

Thank you Sno. That one was purchased by the UC San Francisco Cancer Center's new building. It's on display on the 4th or 5th floor. I haven't been there yet to see it.
Arty...there was a point awhile ago, when I discussed with the hub whether or not we could afford to buy one of your paintings and if we could pay for it on a layaway plan. Then something happened (like...maybe I was laid off work or something) and that idea just dropped away into impracticality.

And the one I wanted was Dr. Hawaiinstein! I love everything about this. I like the “weirdness” and the mystery about it. What’s he concocting? Is he performing an experiment in Hawaii? The composition is perfect. I like the way the lines go, the peek of the wood background, the balance of the colors, and the choice of colors themselves. He’s the man! MY man. But I see that now, sadly, he belongs to another art lover.

Oh well. You snooze, you lose.

I’ve got quite a few weirdos in my own collection, and will post later because I just got my DNA results!!! And so, I’m off to read exactly where my own weirdnesses originated from....
Olive, I'm sure you have quite a number of weird ones because you're a weirdo like me! Your weird is wonderful!

I'm sorry about Dr. Hawaiianstein. Yes, I sold him in a big studio moving sale a couple of years ago to a repeat collector who does usually pay on payment plans, but that time he paid in cold hard cash, which is unusual for him.

Dr. Hawaiianstein has a quite funny story that goes with those funny soft sculptures that go into the glass beakers. He is the guy that makes the "magic potions" that go inside those things. He is located in an undisclosed location in an abandoned meth's a whole thing. Silly stuff really.

I would be glad to do payment plans, or layaway, and depending who I'm working with, I don't even mind if they put some money down first and get the art, making payments while they get to enjoy it on their walls. I'd do that for someone like you because I trust you. It depends on others, but yes, I have done payment plans since I started selling art or I wouldn't have been able to survive being an artist. ;)
Sno I remember this - it gave me nightmares😉
Brianvds - your goldberg variations dude looks like a serial killer
Arty I love Dr Hawaiistein he's brilliant.and the Ice balloons - esp. The dog
Laf...I like this one. What is she saying? Where is she? What were you both thinking?

Okay. I won't show you the couple in bed watching 'I Love Lucy' and surrounded by giant red lizards. Or the bald woman in a slip sitting on a chair in front of a gas station. Or Buster Keaton as a dog, or the woman covered with grilled food, or the screaming girl on a swing next to Charlie McCarthy's puppet head. Etcetera and so on. Those are some of the early things and god only knows where they came from or...why.

Now...I'm all grown up and very, very mature and life makes all the sense in the world.
So these are some of my more MODERN WEIRD "explorations."

Criminals (2013) was inspired by 1930's Australian police mug shots. Little boards attached to a bigger board painted on a field of daisies because...they go together????

Horse-Mom (2018) has a photo transfer of a video glitch behind a raised and painted surface (some medium stuff, now forgotten) of a 15th century manuscript drawing. I told the kid it was "us" and she said "ewww."

Doily (2019) is a broken down old lady doll on top of a paper-doilied, copper spray-painted, coffee-stained background, with loose threads glued all over. Self-Portrait, maybe?

Yes, I have plenty more from where those came from, so don't you worry your pretty little selves. And now...I'm off to paint my tin-toy police parade.😕
I love all of these! They are all brilliant! :)

laf, is Alice a kind of autobiographical character of yours?
Brianvds - your goldberg variations dude looks like a serial killer

And so he is - it's Hannibal Lecter, though not a very good likeness - I can do better nowadays. :)

He infamously beat a prison guard to death while listening to the Goldberg Variations, his favorite piece of music. :)