Shhh... Artist At Work



11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Feb 27/24
Still no big insight into the multiple layers as to avenues to explore .. still in the left lane .. well, straggling the line so to speak, but after I painted this I did some study on an old gal named Amy Sillman and it looks like a new avenue for today's piece. All my pieces posted are a day behind as I like them to dry over24 hours and let the wax do it's work. There is no glare as they are matte in appearance. Makes photo taking so much simpler.
Is that you painting over there on the edge, Wayne? I read a little about Amy Sillman and her non-traditional way of painting and I admire those who can think outside the box. Nice piece here and I’m glad you’re exploring!
What fun stuff! I love your pinks, and the geometrical shapes in your background. It's all combining to keep my eyes moving around, and there's a lot to like here.

Keep delivering, postman!