Country Road 1


country road 2.jpg

11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 20/24
I wanted to get further from the style I have been using but I failed miserably as this is pretty similar to what I have been doing. So, next will be another attempt a the same scene. As they say, try, try, try, and try again. Every failure is but a step toward success.
I don’t see a failure here, Wayne, but understand that it’s frustrating when they don’t turn out like you want. I like the rusty browns against the greens - very natural. What are you aiming for with the next one?
Thank you Donna And JennieJo.
To be honest I am not overly sure. I find I am getting more real; not photo real but more real. I want to get somewhere closer to abstraction but abstraction with form. i would like to have my paintings look like a complete mess or abstract shapes but when you look at the painting intently the subject is realized. Hard to explain but that is somewhat where my mind is.
I think I know what you mean, Wayne, because I’d love to find a way to have my landscapes be more abstract too. Is a horizon necessary? What about perspective? I’d like to find the bare minimum amount of reality needed to look like a landscape and let the viewer supply the rest. I wish you luck with your explorations!
This isn't a failure as a painting in its own right - it's beautiful! But reading what you're aiming for, I would agree that *this* isn't *that.*

It's easy to be highly critical of our work when our mind's eye doesn't match what our end result is. But you still create rich and beautiful paintings with rich and beautiful palettes that are a joy to behold. It's not a failure as far as that goes! ❤️
Thank you Terri. I seen the light. Yes, you are quite right. They don'e measure up to where I wanted to go but they still stand on their own so they are not failures as paintings, simply failures to live up to my measurements.