The fun of a trade- Little, Living Large!


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Well I am so glad to see this category added to the forum! Hope others introduce themselves and get involved.
I find smaller works can have a lot of punch, and be very manageable to do/ finish. A chance to be creative. Trades offer a lot of fun and anticipation. Friendships are made and a lot of great, little pieces created. In fact, going smaller has made me push myself more. Not hanging back because it is a smaller size you see. This has paid off in confidence, and getting better.
All levels of experience welcome! Friendly and encouraging is the name of the game.
Please introduce yourself. Hope to see some old familiars and new faces.🙂
thank you, I did not know this, in the last few months I have admired the first works of this category, what you have written makes the artist trading cards known and appreciated to the fullest,
I've never done them, but I hope to learn to draw better, in general, and with the pencil, and with ink which are things I try the most, and I hope to learn a little how to make the cards, I like admiring them so much.
I also like to draw in a5 or a6 sheets, with a4 the formats I used most.
Hi Joe,
It’s great to see you here!👍🏻
I would love to see your work. We are all trying to improve our skills, and are very pleased to welcome all levels of experience. I find the more I do, the better I get. Working smaller means not being afraid to push myself to try something. Sometimes we don’t grow because we are afraid of trying something and wrecking the drawing or painting We are working on. Especially if it is a larger piece. But you have to try, to improve. So a small piece is great for that. And, it is easier to finish! You can go very detailed on small works too. They can be like little gems.
Plus, we like making new friends in the group. 🙂
So I hope you will participate.
I guess I will post some of the trading cards I did for our trades on Wet canvas.
We also did Christmas card trades. They were considered miniatures, but larger…regular greeting card sizes,
Here were 2 trading cards trades I did. The first was themed Masters before a certain year in the 1900s. Can’t remember the year now. The second trade subjects was our choice I think.
It sure was fun sending them off, and waiting for others to arrive!
Thank you Drizzle! 🙂
I am sure I remember you J!
My mediums used were watercolour, sometimes with ink pen, gouache, touch of acrylic.
We should get something going. I will have to see how many folks are interested.
Let me know if you are interested in doing a swap pls good people! Then we can figure out the in’s and out’s from there.
I guess I will post some of the trading cards I did for our trades on Wet canvas.
We also did Christmas card trades. They were considered miniatures, but larger…regular greeting card sizes,
Here were 2 trading cards trades I did. The first was themed Masters before a certain year in the 1900s. Can’t remember the year now. The second trade subjects was our choice I think.
It sure was fun sending them off, and waiting for others to arrive!
PaintBoss, those are all gorgeous!
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Thank you. You know, I surprised myself! See what practise and pushing yourself a bit farther can do! You grow! Lol It’s true though.
I was thinking it was Jeanne, you confirmed it for me.🙂
PaintBoss are all wonderful, extraordinarily beautiful works of art.

PaintBoss, thank you very much for the words that encourage me and help a lot,
then the reflections are all true,
Thank you so much.
I find also now the more I do the less I make mistakes so I am not ruining a nice painting hardly ever anymore. But you do go through that a lot trying things, making mistakes. It truly is the only way to learn. You have to say I want to go to the next level and not be precious about your piece. Meaning you don’t hold yourself back from improving because you don’t want to wreck your piece. In digital art you can easily experiment but not so much in other mediums. Especially watercolour. It is the least forgiving. But there are a few tricks too. Now oil painting I found extremely forgiving and malleable. It stays wet for so long that you can play and play with the paint until magic happens. You just have to maintain that fat over lean rule always to avoid cracking.
Have you ever tried gouache. Like gouache watercolour. Lots of fun.
Do you mainly draw?
Aw thanks Sno!
Glad to see you. Great art and best sense of humour on the forum!😉 Are you still a. Painting rocks ( they are awesome) and b. Still love/ hating those commissions?😁
PaintBoss, thank you very much for the words that encourage me and help a lot,
then the reflections are all true,

like about the fear of trying something, sometimes my drawings very clear, almost invisible for fear of going too dark (which actually never happens, they are always too light), but this has not happened to me too often, voluntarily, it is plus the difficulty in understanding when the drawing is ready and when to continue, thinking about it here too it is important to practice, as you say, to try, however, about fear before starting to draw again, for a while I was afraid of the white sheet .
when 6 years ago I started drawing again, the albums I had bought I didn't start immediately because I was convinced that each blank page was worth more than me (I stopped drawing when I was 12 or 13, in any case we had an hour of drawing week (as an adult, today I think that the story I tell is due to this, to the scarce time that the educational institutions gave us to such beautiful and important things, one hour for drawing, one hour for gymnastics.), during teacher lessons he told us to draw a drawing, on a theme, to do at home and start there, once he assigned 2 themes, 1 favorite cartoon, 2 topic of your choice, I loved drawing cartoons in those years, I made them both as a reference (I was happy and proud of the result even if they were not special designs, usually my designs were enough (and I think that after almost 3 decades, it is still like this, my dream then was to learn how to do it even if without thinking of being able to do it professionally. lmente or to be able to excel but as a precious passion to cultivate, I think I did and do drawings with a grade of 5 or 6 that could arrive with work and years at 7), those I think were good marks because they were topics that I loved and practiced,) , teacher said I couldn't have made them myself, there were laughter, especially a big, long story also the reason for the laughs, however I thought that obviously he must have his reasons for thinking that and that they could not make me improve those reasons, (at the era I did not know that drawing from memory is different than drawing from life, that talent counts but also work and practice, method and techniques, that perhaps learning is different, implicit or not implicit, that maybe you can learn in 15 years instead of one)
anyway I started to like drawing less and I didn't do it anymore, I thought about it when I was 20 and tried again sometimes, but I started drawing again only 20 years after I stopped, after thinking for a long time if I could learn or not and if I could only learn formally, with schools except or ok from home, after years I bought some books and searched online, in recent years known wetcavans, and a community like this, like this site, is fantastic, has increased my desire to draw and learn, I would have liked to know wetcavans much earlier, at least 10, maybe 20, it would have been important for the mistakes I made outside the drawing, the mistakes I make with my drawing, I don't mind because they help me learn, the mistakes I have done out of the drawing, I'm sorry because I foolishly conditioned my life, maybe I had a real panic attack, but it prevented me from entering the last year of university in the regular years and then no I have not finished my studies anymore, and for another mistake I wasted many years and / or I never tried to do one of the things I loved and maybe I wanted to study, even when I was about to do it), they were actually cheap albums but for 2 months I didn't feel like using them, then I took the reams of paper, photocopy paper, this still much cheaper, so I finally started drawing, and since then I'm not afraid to waste sheets, to use them without thinking about it, at least I use those for photocopying but I finally realized that the waste was not using things,
maybe sometimes I do it with some colors (I had bought some gadot means like windson and newton aquarelli then I didn't want to use them, unwrap them to learn with these, and I got some 6 euro watercolors, thinking of starting from those, this year I decided to buy gauche after avevr saw that they were selling them by cat, I have them for a few months but I'm glad to use them,) or my favorite album but very little.
now anyway, after the first months mentioned, I no longer think that I waste paper, I just hope to draw as much as possible, so as to practice and improve regardless of the result.

sorry I have dirty the post, with these words, sorry as well that as written in the past in my first messages I should really learn English.

they are not atist cards but the drawings I made yesterday are placed in this message, because as a card I would make animals or comics, disney classic or warner classic

early disney or warner, marvel, comics mamarvel or baman I like but for now I avoid that I find them more difficult, other idea that I like for drawings, what maybe the actors of the films I like,
and caricatures.

however for the cards I think above all the drawings of animals, among the subjects I like to try, I also made these on a4 sheet, on less than half a4 sheet, so maybe it can go as wip, ah, I was saying about the paper, these were standard light sheets, but I really like reams of paper weighing about 200 grams, cardboard, I had read it on Wetcavans by arnoud, for ink I like to use these, in recent years I have bought 2 reams a4 and I have used these, too with pencils but with ink they were beautiful, months ago then I took another one, this time I found an a3 that sometimes I cut, maybe ok for that, but actually just cut out sheets for the right size, ok also from album.
yesterday drew two animals from photos. photo on W C.

I used a4 sheet, and a colored pencil, water fell while I was drinking on the sheet, standard a4 sheet photocopy,
were from photos, but also from drawing, it helped me a lot for these, to see drawings, drawings that I was seeing these days, drawings that I saw while drawing, beautiful drawings by a German artist I think I had happened to see the works online. (the drawings I saw do not very much resemble these of mine beautiful, study but still I read,is not making an exact copy but trying something, trying to understand something, however mine helped me one of the reasons why I liked to draw and also be able to see, spend time with drawings, works that I love, artists that I admire so much,
whether it is a drawing or seeing a post like this, with your wonderful works, it is a really beautiful thing and a pleasure, you see that art is a means that produces beauty, makes things see differently, and therefore helps in many ways .

2021-09-26 19-07_pagina_1.jpg
2021-09-26 19-07_pagina_2.jpg
2021-09-26 19-07_pagina_3.jpg
2021-09-26 19-07_pagina_4.jpg


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Aw thanks Sno!
Glad to see you. Great art and best sense of humour on the forum!😉 Are you still a. Painting rocks ( they are awesome) and b. Still love/ hating those commissions?😁
Thanks PaintBoss! No, I don't have time for any art ATM. Hardly time to eat when I'm hungry. 😁
Thank you Arty.
You have me inspired to try something like what you are doing. I might one day. 🙂 Not for a small card trade though.
Sno, sorry to hear that. I hope what is keeping you hopping isn’t too serious. My health requires a lot of help now from my family. I love them for it, and I am deeply appreciative, but it is not easy for them. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!
Never lose that sense of humour!
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Thank you Joe for your kind words.
I really like your drawings! I love rabbits and boy you did an especially nice job on it! Very sensitive drawing of that rabbit.

Don’t worry about your language skills, I understand most of what you say. :) May I ask what is your native language? I cannot speak or write in a second language at all, so you are doing VERY WELL!👍🏻

I took over 20 years off of doing my art because of some nasty art professors. They just stole the joy out of it for me. For many of the students. I had health issues too that got in the way with motivation and confidence. Serious clinical depression they found hard to treat. It is a great thief they say too. Doing much better now!
I’m really glad I got back into it. And I’m very glad you got back into doing your art too! It seemed like a terrible waste not to try doing what I always had enjoyed and showed some natural ability for. Once I started doing art often, making lots of mistakes, I started to develop quickly, and I think that is the way for most people. So I hope you will keep going.
It really does help to look at art you admire in any form, and try to copy it. They do this in art school to help students learn. It does help.🙂
I think you are doing great, keep at it. Keep branching out with watercolours or gouache or whatever mediums you like. You definitely are more than ready to be trying lots of mediums and seeing how you like them. 🙂
My daughter is 20. She has 2 pet rabbits. They now live with us. And I have had many pets, but never rabbits. And they are wonderful! They surprised me with how playful, smart and cheeky they are. Brave! They can become quite docile and attached to their people. They love to be petted, and do not act like scared little prey animals. Anyways, she is going to love your rabbit drawing. I’m going to show it to her tonight!😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
PaintBoss, thank you very much for the nice words on the drawings, and on the rabbit drawing, I appreciate it very much, glad you liked them, thank you very much for the encouragement, for valuable advice, and for the great inspiration and motivation that comes from your wonderful works of art, from your words and kindness and strength, thank you so much.t you wish the best, you are an artist and a wonderful person

Yes, my language is Italian, if I have to read it or if I have to write English, I look for help with vocabulary (to write a lot at times), in speaking and listening to it I cannot.
thank you very much for your art and your words, also for reassurance on usefulness, on the study, copy of the artists,
it is nice that it is, at the same time, a way to learn and a motivation to learn, so maybe, improving you can try new artists, or have better results than previous attempts.
thanks also for the advice of the material to try, yes I will follow it, actually try new instrument, paper, type of drawing, it is something that also stimulates, from desire to draw., I will try the gauche I think, and to exercise more with pens, ink, both gauche and ink are among the things I like to admire and try. 6 years ago, I was undecided whether to try digital, also for the fact of having a single tool, supply, 4 years ago I got a graphics tablet for the computer, then I was unable to learn it, program, and because it is strange to return to paper after months of looking at the monitor, but above all drawing, I have become more and more fond of paper, graphite, ink, moreover to use digital, you need to know the support well, the real media. Anyway, now, sometimes,, as a curiosity without commitment I try to learn it a bit, in the last weeks sometimes I am trying a little and reading the tutorials better, possibly to use it maybe to try some changes to the drawings, drawn on paper , as a curiosity,
instead with pencils, ink, guache, I will try to do the best I can, I find it would be a dream to be able to draw well, do something I didn't think I could do, and then maybe be able to have drawings of something to which I am attached, or love, drawings of animals that I love or an old comics, a portrait, try to copy drawings of the masters.
gauche if possible calmly, for color it would also be fantastic, over time to try portraits or caricatures or animals, in gray or in color,
ah, maybe one thing I'll try that I really like, single color drawings, colored pencils, monochromatic, one color or 2, I think I'll try that more, I think it would be nice for the card too, it's something that I like it, with the colors I like or could be nice, blue, some reds. I have these colors that I like to try and maybe I will also try indigo, which I often see in wonderful designs and since blue is one of my favorite colors, I like it,

rabbits, beautiful, are wonderful animals, as a child and as a boy at times I liked to go to the countryside, when there were bunnies, very nice to stroke them.

sorry for the many words, and thank you very much for your art, your help and inspiration, a warm greeting