Still Life

Sylwia J-D

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I like to have everything in one place, so I'll post here, in this thread some of my Still Life painting and drawings.

#1. Gouache, direct painting from life on mixed media paper 24 x 32cm

sl 1.jpg
Lovely still life. I like the sense of limited color palette. Celery's probably my fav, it looks so fresh and ready to eat! 😂
Great color scheme, great application of the paint and a clever composition with the celery reflecting in the bottle - beautiful!
Greetings Sylwia - I remember your sketches on KiwiKates Daily Sketch on WC.
Sylwia, this is lovely, very rich texture objects and interesting looking still life. Nice to see it´s painted with gouache, I´m thinking of getting some colors this fall.
Beautiful job! I think the reflected celery in the bottle is an inspired touch. Great work, Sylwia.
The reflection of the celery on the bottle is the obvious one, nevertheless I like very much too some subtle reflections, highlights and shadows on the red pepper. They contribute to a nice relief impression.
Love this gouache painting #2. Looking at all the interesting detailed surface tones of the 🍑 and 🍋how you have painted different zones with beautiful and rich color. One feels like ready to take a fruit from your painting and eat it.