Orange And Flowers & Apples And Orange


Flowers And Orange.jpg

Apples and Orange.jpg

Both 11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. painted Mar 08/24
Trying to incorporate some of the styles I copy and get them into my flow of things. You know, not use them as they were used but use them as I would use them. Short for use my own brush/knife strokes but implement their ideals on painting. I gained on the still life but still struggeling badly on the portraits. For example: the colorin on the disfigured forms of the people works for Mondalini but doesn't work for me because it's the deformation that works and not the coloring. I know, I tried for three hours to get one to work and ended up scraping it. I will get back to it later today or better yet, in a few days after I can think it through.
Well, it's certainly working for in each of these, Wayne. That bouquet is a stunner - especially love the orange slices. The silver bowl in the second one is amazing. The light touches of pale yellow and blue in the middle of the neutrals is blowing me away.

Great work here! ❤️
Thanks Terri.
Happy accidentals. The bowl was s a blue bowl on first pass and then wanted green and some of the blue stayed. I love accidentals as they usually make a painting unless we think we know better and change them. I consider them our higher selves helping raise our lower selves.
Two classic beauties that look very much like your own style. It’s great that you learn from masters of the past but you have to be you. As long as you enjoy the process it’s all good.
Thank you Donna. Agree. We need to consume and allow it to integrate with our thoughts so it all becomes one and that one is yourself.
The bowl is super, congratulations on your "happy accident". :giggle: Now, let's talk about the flowers. Stupendous! I love the way the orange flowers stand out with the dark background. Almost Chiaroscuro. I really like this one. ❤️🌸❤️
Thank you Sno. Yes, the back is a dark purple grey which activates the greens pushing them forward making the flowers stand out.