Some pics from my travel book (mixed media)


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The book is a watercolor moleskine. It doesn't get used as much as it should - I've had it a couple of years now - but finally there's not many pages left and I hope to fill it soon.

I draw in pen - generally sketch with a light grey or sepia then put the firm lines on with black. Color is watercolor, a travel kit with a waterbrush. Sometimes additional touches with white gel pen.

The first page (what's a "watercolor"?) Ahh memories. 2 years ago when I had slightly less idea what I was doing but also my waterbrush wasn't entirely trashed.

Recent pics from visit to family


Harbour at night, alternately titled Payne's Gray Abuse


Some bilge keelers in the harbour resting on the mud... That was supposed to be a buoy not a human skull if you're feeling nervous


A delightfully scenic building. This part of the country is filled with castles and churches and lovely things, and where do I get to spend my time, supermarket car parks. Ah well make the most of it! Was too busy taking care of family to do any sightseeing :)
Wow! These are so amazing, such detail and attention to color too. They each express a certain mood. And I'm guessing these are the small moleskins? 3.5 x 5 inches?? I wish I had this kind of patience, even though I know I'd only need to just take some breaths and do it. I'm still too damn lazy. This is inspiring me for sure. Thank you.
A great collection of paintings. I particularly like the one of Tesco: I think it's the first time I've ever seen one in a painting, you've made it look almost appealing :). Love the harbour too.

You've reminded me that I have one of those Moleskine watercolour books. I've had it a good few years and I think I've used it once. I'll have to dig it out.
I like these! Particularly Harbor at Night. Now I've got to Google "bilge keeler."
Love seeing these pages from your travel book - great work. The Tesco sketch is my favourite, too - really clever use of the white gel pen, and a perfect job capturing the greyness of waiting in a supermarket car park!