Low Tide Harbour Buoy


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This is the thing I posted in the working on thread. I looked it over this morning and did a bit more stuff on it and decided it's finished. It is now hanging up all fancy (so sorry neighbours for all that banging I was trying to drive fencing staples into the wood frame with a half-size hammer. I need some screws...)


My photo. I took several pics but this was the one I ended up using mainly. I don't know what the guy with the paddleboard was doing to the buoy, he did not make the final cut.


thumbnails for composition, I did them on location. Was originally intending to do a bigger scene with foreground, people were walking on the walls which might have been nice, but the harbour walls were "bookending" it too much and I couldn't figure out how to make that work. So focused on the bit I liked best which was the red buoy and its reflection.


Wc preliminary sketch for values and colors. My watercolor stuff is a winsor and newton travel pan set and a waterbrush. Not fancy pro stuff but it is convenient.

This turned out great. Thanks for including all your work in progress photos, I really enjoy seeing how everyone works. 😊
A lovely scene, nice light and reflections. I really enjoyed seeing your progress pics and reading about your process too. 🙂