Scavenger Hunt from Life #98: Jan 7 - Jan 14

Ai, nice job on the room decorations. The long fish are fun! That's a nice morning view across the river. You've had such wonderful inspirational views and things to sketch there. Thanks for taking us along on your trip.

Jo, thanks. There are a lot of flooded areas near us on the south shore. The high tides are the problem. They have been coming up super high and covering everything nearby. The spot I sketched had a lot of water and I was right outside the Maritime Museum where I sketch a lot. All of the grounds were under water there.

Fletch, all the locations down by the bay got a lot of flooding. I figured this would be one of the safer locations to sketch. Most of the spots you couldn't even tell that there were docks there. I have a feeling this is going to happen more and more often. A friend of mine lives in Mastic Beach and showed a video of the water going through her steps and out the other side under her house. They prepared ahead of time and have stayed in the house which is raised up with open space underneath it. I don't know how long they'll have to wait until the water level goes down enough to be able to go out.

Pine Cone, I hope you are somewhere safe and OK.

My Wednesday sketch group met at the library last night (masked) and our theme was dolls and action figures. I don't own any so I had to rely on extras that other members brought along. The Barbie Wann-Be is new brought by Mark and the doll on the right is part of my friend, Rosanne's doll collection. I don't know how old it is but it definitely is old.
15 - new - watercolors and ink

16 - old - watercolors and ink
Ai, love the fish and the dream catcher. Good finds!! The old sunrise is amazing. I love the sky.

Joan, ahhh, the dolls are geat. The new barbie is very new looking. I like the old doll, too. It looks "comfy". Good work.

We went for our annual Medicare check ups today. Most of the questions now are about your "feelings" and how much you drink. Ha. Have a bit of a cold so didn't sketch yesterday or today.
Ai -- I have an espresso maker like that.. we used to take it backpacking. A friend and I had a tradition when we climbed a mountain we'd use it at the summit. I like how the bright red and blue on the left of the "wide" view give whole thing depth. Cat looks happy! Like the fish patchwork, and the sky in the direct watercolor is neat.

JennieJo -- cool sketches. I like the 1st one on the left with the green and orange.

Jo -- the pears and apple look great. The pear on the left is particularly lifelike, and looks delicious :)

Fletch -- nice fluffy teddy bear! The way his left ear droops almost makes him look sad :(

Joan -- big high and low tides here too, but fortunately no flooding. Stay safe! Cool dolls, the second one reminds me of an old one my wife has.

This is at the end of one of my favorite hikes. As I sat there, the clouds came in and the sky looked beautiful on the hike back. Picture from my phone gives some idea...

#2, different rocks :) pen, ink wash and a little watercolor.


On the way back:
Oh! I think my daughter and I might go to the Sacramento national wildlife refuge tomorrow. There's a good chance we'll see more cranes there... maybe we will get close enough to draw...
Joan -beautiful shading on both dolls. For me shading is how you change a shape into a form and make objects 3D.

Ned - You are doing a great job on those pen and wash seascapes. Beautiful rocky shores. That last sky photo is also beautifully composed. Are you also a photographer? Enjoy the refuge trip.

jo & Joe1 👋🏽

Keep sketching
[IMG alt="NedL"][/IMG]


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Thanks Jo, I felt like I couldn't get the shapes right -- they would be perfectly still like statues until I drew a line :) That last one looks more like a goose or something! Thanks for the inspiration and I really do want to try again! Yes, uni-ball "vision" rollerball pen + diluted ink in waterbrush.

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  • Ned, I was over in the last hunt looking for something and found your crane sketches which I had missed. Bravo!!! They look great. Like most birds they don't stay put once you start sketching them. They must sense it some way. lol But you got the shapes and some of the shading too. Way to go!!
Joe 1, thanks.

Jo, I think we all spend too much time visiting Sorry you didn't have time to sketch.

Ned, thanks for your comment. When I retired and we moved I got rid of a lot of things I held onto for a long time. Now there are no dolls her and for the most part no toys either...unless you count holiday decorations. lol My friend, Mark, bought 2 Barbie-type dolls at the $1 store in case we needed extra models. But I couldn't resist doing the other older doll too. Hope you got to visit the wildlife refuge and see more cranes today. I love the photos and your sketches of the rocky coast out there. That's something we don't see much on the south shore here. You can find rocks on the north shore, but not as big as those by you. I remember seeing some out there in my travels in the past.

Fletch, you're right about the shading giving things form and shape. Thanks for your comment.

17 - similar - watercolors and ink (I'm documenting my amaryllis plant as it changes. It looks similar today to how it looked on Day 2, but there are changes. You can see both my sketches of it potted here.

18 - wide building front - watercolors and ink

19 - thin pole holding the street sign - watercolors and ink
Joan: Thanks... lovely old vs. new... and super clever on similar...wide and thin are excellent....perfect glorious set.

Jo: Thanks... Hope you feel better on those questions from Doc...These questions should be a great reminder to us all how to carry ourselves into the future for the best well-being...

Ned: Thanks... Great story of your coffee pot up the summit... and your beautiful hike path to those amazing rocks are so cool... even better when you record the view to share with us.... great sketch.

Joe1, PineCone, & all: hello.
It is about 6AM on Jan 14th in Thailand, so the new hunt is posted here.
You can still participate more in this hunt too!
Ai, thanks so much.

Ned, will see you over in the new hunt shortly.

A friend and I went to sketch at a food court in an oriental market. We had lunch there too.

20 - plump dumplings - watercolors and ink


21 - different lunch counter - watercolors and ink

Joe/Fletch and JoC and Joan and Ai — I wanted so much to participate recently, but haven't been able. Got misty-eyed when I read your words. Thank you so much - I'm currently okay(ish), but haven't done any artwork. I loved your inspiring list Joe/Fletch and I'm so sorry I didn't participate. Thank you all again - in this situation, it's easy to feel as if I no longer exist, if that makes sense. You have again (as so often before) reminded me that we do all exist, and in wonderful ways.
Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Keeping Jeanne in my prayers, as well as Joan with all the storms and flooding, and Robin...
Ned, beautiful different rocks. You capture the space with such few details. So good. The photo of the clouds is so beautiful.

Joan, Your amaryllis is so nifty. You find the touch to make it bloom on paper. The Lucharitos is fun to see, sounds like yummy food. Your thin pole rings true. Nice dry looking hedge. Oh, look at your dumplings. Make me hungry, as usual. Such a great sketch of the lunch counter with all the goodies showing. Wow!

Hi Ai and Fletch, thanks.

Pine Cone happy you checked in with us. Love and hugs.

You all know our oldest daughter is a live music fan. Terri Hendrix is a good friend. Terri has a school for kids in art and music. She is an amazingly kind and generous person. She writes such neat songs. This one came to mind today.
This is for Pine Cone and all of you, my friends. Terri Hendrix "Prayer for My Friends"

Fletch, thanks for the Hunt, sorry I didn't sketch more. Sigh.... See all y'all next Hunt!
Pine Cone, great to see you here. I'm glad our words help you know you matter. ((Hugs!!))

Jo, thanks. The place I sketched at lunchtime was fun. It was crowded and there were tables along the wall in front of the counters. Suzala waited for a table to become vacant at one end and I waited at the other end. Luckily we got a table in front of the counter that had the Peking ducks hanging up. Yay!! What a nice song to end my night with. Thanks!
PineCone: Hello... sending you my endless virtual hugs...

Joan: Thanks.... Wowza on those ducks and all the Chinese dimsum place glorious items. You have done them so well. Now, if only I can find a good spot to sit in that type of food place here; they are always packed and does not have much room for me to sit and sketch.... I will keep that in mind.

Stephanies: Lovely horse sketches and fabric folds. The horse ones give me the tender feeling... kind of like in children illustration.

Fletch: Thank you for this fun Hunt.
Stephanie, nice work on the horses and the folded towel. Good to see them.

Ai, thanks. This place was really crowded too. We were lucky to get a table in such a good spot. But at times it was so crowded you couldn't see the counter. lol
{{{ JoC and Joan and Ai and All }}} — Thank you for your continuing kindnesses, and encouraging words, and a beautiful new song for my library to play every day, and endless hugs...
I've come to believe that everyone on these events over the years are real-life angels, saving each other and me with every word and thought and sketch and breath...