Scavenger Hunt from Life #93: Nov 27 – Dec 6


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Scavenger Hunt from Life #93: Nov 27 – Dec 6

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunts from Life.
The Hunts were started in 2006 by Jamie Williams Grossman as a way to practice with prompts. Artists have come and gone while forming some lasting friendships. We hope you will join in and tune up your sketching skills. All levels and techniques are welcome. We hope you can have some good times here. You can travel the world seeing the sketches of items at hand by the artists.

If you’ve participated in at least one Scavenger Hunt and have time to host one we would really appreciate it. You can sign up by posting your name on the current hosting schedule in the Art From Life forum here:

Here is the List:


Scavenger Hunt from Life #93: Nov 27 – Dec 6









With shell or cover or wrap

Bag or sack


Open hand





Long shape

Short shape







Kitchen or from kitchen

Outdoor item
Scanning list and came to dead stop at parabola. Have not heard that word used in about 25 years, 🤣😂🤣👍🏽

Thanks Aii.
@Fletch --- lol -- I throw that ("parabola"):ROFLMAO: in because MissLily has mentioned that it has given her headache from her Grade.8 math class. Uhm... I am seeing some sign of a big fast food chain.. that might come close.... I am sure Joan will find something in her abundance surrounding ...
#1 Three kinds of parabola -- a wine glass, a cloth pin, and a commode

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Ha, parabola got me, too. I did like math, but the word was gone from my vocabulary.
Ai, nice line drawings. Thanks for the start.
Wow Jo you really have mastered the pen! These look like drawing book illustrations.

Ai excellent group of parabolae. 😎
Ai, thanks for the new list and for making us think so hard. I must admit that I really had no recollection of what a parabola was so I had to look it up. I remembered the word but not the meaning. You found some good examples.

EP, good to see you!

Fletch & Ned, good to see the two of you also!

Jo, good hand sketches. I like your hatching for shading.

Today I went to the Long Island Aquarium as a treat to myself. They offer free admission to people within a week of their I went 'cause mine is coming up in 2 days. I did some sketching on my iPad and one in my sketchbook.

1 - thick (head of the octopus) - Procreate
2 - thin (legs)

3 - nature-made (coral reef) - Procreate


4 - man-made (sculpture in the shark tank) - watercolors and ink
5 - short shape (small fish)
6 - long shape (sharks)
Joan - I am sorry but I had to refrain form posting my first few thoughts on seeing these spectacular creations in Procreate. The cleanest one was like 3rd or 4th and I was “Oh my God!” Truly they are gorgeous and perfectly rendered. Water color one is not bad either :cool:

EP - HI! You have been missed.

Keep sketching
Joan: All your digi sketches from the aquariums are amazing. You have leaped up a great deal on using ProCreate. and Happy Birthday, 2 days early. Your aquarium free ticket for your birthday week is sure a perfect gift to you. Love the octopus, and the digi. watercolor of the coral scene. The shark one is also super.
Joan --- I love aquariums! Love the reef! Those are great. Wow, I can't imagine trying to draw those with everything moving!
Thanks Fletch, Ai, and Ned. Sketching the aquarium was fun and so different. I would have to patiently wait for the same fish to come around again...sort of like sketching people on a merry-go-round. The octopus was even worse with those 8 arms that kept moving. lol
Ai - thank you for examples of parabolas (parabolae?) - wonderful colours on those drawings
Jo - aha great fist and hand
Joan - hello - how fun to draw an octopus! Wow! Yahoo coral ref. Wow those sharks look unhappy/mean with those teeth. Yahoo seashells with splatter :)
Joe/Fletch - hello
Here's my work - Ink on printer paper.
1. stool
2. glass
3. (dropper) bottle
4. (measuring) cup
5. kitchen item - truncated knife
6. narrow - tong closed
7. wide - tong open

And I did two more sketches of those tongs open and closed.