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As a skeptical "scientist" by degree and proclivity if not profession, I've often found this site to be like a breath of fresh rational air. We get so much bullshit thrown at us from all angles that it can get damn confusing, and even worse, destructive.

On YouTube we get recommended videos from so-called experts on stuff, when really they are just popular on YT. An example is this "Dr" telling me to eat fats and no carbs and four eggs a day is fine and not to get vaccines etc etc. I like eggs and hate shots! I like this message from Dr Eric Berg!!! He's the man!!

So Iooked up this Dr. Had to burrow down through all the useless search returns to find this.

So I bought everything he had to sell. :rolleyes:

If it sounds like BS, you may want to look at this site.
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