Moving Disembodied Moustache


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Moving disembodied moustache.
Moving Disembodied Moustache (1).jpg

Surprise, surprise: Wheels were not available "as advertised."

If this were animated, the soundtrack would be that of the removers whistling. I couldn't identify the tune.

They moved it from the Photography Forum 🖐
Wow, now that's what I call entertainment! My ear now has its earworm booked for today. BE KIND TO YOUR WEBFOOTED FRIENDS, etc.

Rose Wylie had a solo exhibition entitled, Quack.Quack. I believe that was after, Woof. Woof.

I worked at a place with a lake,. One would feel like you were being followed, and sure enough, there would be a row of ducklings following you, one after the other, like the seven dwarves. The mallard's call sounds like mocking laughter. Paranoia? As Woody Allen said, Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. Stop talking. Earworm rises. BE KiND, etc.

I just looked at the moustache and I saw three pairs of legs and two humongous moptops!
I absolutely LOCE this moving disembodied moustache!!!!! It's brilliant if you ask me. You are amazing Iain. ❤️