Look What I Found .. One And Two




Both are 11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives .. Painted 22/11/21
Basically I fill the paper with different values of hues, look for shapes, and pull the shapes from the images I see in the values. Of course as you pull one image you see another and things keep changing. There is no plan other than let the paint entertain my imagination. It is interesting and fun and most of fall: you don't need a preset image to get going.
These are cool, Wayne, and it's fun as a viewer to find the things in the background. Seems like this might be a good way to loosen up after painting representational work. I'm guilty of stifling my imagination and need to do this.
Thanks Donna.
Yes, they are fun and I learn a lot about the application and happenings of paint. It seems when I do a few, the next time I do a landscape I get a little more unique in my style and my colorings are better. I think I have been trying to force my landscapes into these expressions but that was wrong. I simply have to use the application methods to enhance my landscapes. I'm slow but eventually I figure it out.

Thank you Trier, Maureen, Lazarus, and Zen
Great pieces, but I especially love the first/top, and I have to admit, though an abstract connoisseur, I saw some representational things in it that immediately drew my attention and maybe attracted me to it more, but that's okay too. I do really like it. Great composition on that one, no matter what I see. :)
Thank you Arty .. I am not an abstract painter as my whole being resonates in finding images within and pulling them outward. There are a lot of different transient worlds created by light, dark, and value. I actually don't get non objective art and there is nothing in this world that is non-objective. Nothing. If anyone paints there is an object to the act or there would be no act.
The second piece is quite striking, with all those luscious blues! I really like the way you describe your process too.
Thanks Jessie. Enjoyment plus: except if you add a wrong value. Then you have to get in correction mode real fast. 😀