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Like Ai and Jo, I am participating in the Inktober challenge of sketching something in ink for every day of the month. My first sketch was done at Week's Boatyard in Patchogue, one of my favorite places to sketch. It was done with my Lamy Safari pen and Platinum Carbon Ink.


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I love these. Especially the tree scene. I like when you draw with ink. You are talented in many media.
Joan, you really have a distinct illustrative style. It's very recognizable. Excellent work. ♥️
Beautiful sketches so far. I always enjoy looking at your work.
Thanks!!! I enjoy doing Inktober but I always have to fight to resist adding color. I know there aren't any hard, fast rules to use just ink, but for some reason I try to do that.

Here is my Day 4 Inktober sketch done with a Lamy Safari pen filled with Noodler's Brown in. It is water-soluble and makes nice washes. I like the sepia look to the color. This is a rooster statue in front of a poultry store locally.

My Day 5 sketch today was done down by the beach of a bar on the sand. I was there with friends in the morning so all the umbrellas were closed up. I took a photo of it when it was only the ink lines...but I HAD to add color to those umbrellas. lol
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Joan, what a find of the rooster fountain! I like the colored ink for it. The umbrellas are wonderful and the color makes them pop!
This is a great start to Inktober Joan! Love the colourful scene with the umbrellas. :)
Wow, these are great, and I love that you've added color. You are right about how cool that sepia tone is. I certainly adore your illustrative style. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
I love both versions of the umbrella sketch. Great scene to choose - and wonderful drawing.
Thanks everyone!
It is fun to try different inks that I have sitting around here to see how they work by themselves or with color. I have an Elegant Writer that is fun to use. It is water-soluble until you touch it with water and allow it to dry. Then it becomes permanent and you can use color on top of it with no problem. I just used the Elegant Writer for this.


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Today I sketched with a Zebra Sensations fountain pen. I have a set of them in assorted colors. I think I used a dark purple which seems to show as black. I had a floral arrangement sitting on my coffee table for a few days. I figured I'd better sketch it before the petals start falling off.

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Joan, I really like the texture in the tree. I will look for me an Elegant Writer. I like the results. Your vase of flowers is excellent with your descriptive lines and the dark shadows.