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Guess What?

Every week on Creative Spark, one of our artist members gets to host a Weekly Art Event. And anyone can sign up!

Note that many members have shortened this event to the "WAEs" or the "WDE" (Weekly Drawing Event), so don't be confused if you see it being referred to in this way. It's only important to know that these events take place weekly. They can be created in any media, and they are fun for all.

To sign up as a host, check out the Events Schedule. Make sure there's an available date when requesting a host slot.

Once you are a host, it's easy. Begin a new thread in All Media Events and title it: "Weekly Art Event" with the week starting date you have been assigned. (Ex: Dec. 17, 2021). The week-starting will always be a Friday.

In the body of the post, type: The prompt for this week is XXXX (Subject)

Then, type your prompt word. (Ex: Happy, School, Communication...) Say anything you'd like about your selection and/or why you picked it. That is, if you feel like it.

Let people know that the prompt can be a jumping off point to create their own original works in any media they wish. There are no rules. Also, include the following words as part of your instructions to the participants:

Participants can post their finished (or unfinished) art in this thread only. Do not make a brand new thread. Post any time during the week. If you're a little late, no worries; post anyway. Tell us a little about the work if you so desire. What medium did you use and what is the size? What was your inspiration other than the prompt? We all like acknowledgement for our work, but please do not use any copyrighted material.

Each thread will be remain at the top of the forum for the full week until the next week's thread is started.

You may also discuss details about how these events work in Discussion: All Media Events. There you can get many of your questions answered.

Have fun!!! :)
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