How to use a corner space


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There is a Jacuzzi corner tub 60' x60" in my soon to be bathroom.
there's also 2 sinks. I plan to use one sink area (if I can) for water media.
The tub will probably not be used for it's intended purpose. It will not be removed.
Any ideas on how I can re-purpose it for art to get some good use for that space?
I suppose you could put a board over the top of it and use it as a table but have you seen the price of a sheet of plywood lately? :oops:
Thanks, Sno. I have seen the price of plywood--and 2x6's:(:(.
I should also say the faucet is on the entry side, so it needs avoided. I don't know how tall the faucet is, or what the tub is made of.
Probably not enameled irono_O
Maybe you could put rubber feet on an easel and stand it up inside the tub. Put a few boards across the odd spaces as a table to hold stuff. Making art isn't easy or sensible. :)
Hi, Zen, thanks. I'd thought of that, haven't done anything yet--several months later. :oops: Been busy with getting my studio
into useable shape. I have an easel that would work I think, it needs a couple of rubber feet. Right now that tub is holding a basket of yarn and nothing else. :)
Holding a basket of yarn is as good a use as any (I think)! You can stock up on even more yarn since you have a whole tub. :)
I've been working on a wool afghan (maybe it'll be a lapghan instead). I found I had 9 motifs a bit smaller than the others, and have 8 corrected. Now I really want to get to a yarn shop to replace two of the colors I am no longer using. I don't drive much now, so have to wait for someone to take me. In the meantime, I have one acrylic lapghan started, one planned, and some of the yarn for--that's what's in the tub, so I will not run out of things to do. Trying to find time to paint, too...
I would drive you if you lived near me. I don't drive much either, but it would be nice to have an art friend to do arty stuff with!
Thanks! :) IIRC, you're in Joshua Tree. I'd rather be there now, than Indianapolis, where today it's gray and rainy. The temp is supposed to be 80', but I can't see it: 80 to me is sunny and warm, as I lived in Tucson until recently...
I really love Arizona as well, and have only been to Indianapolis once. I can say I don't remember much of it because I was just passing through. :(
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My DD is planning to take me to a yarn shop next week. I want to get blues and greens for this wool afghan.