Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. Just wanted to wish everyone a merry merry, a peaceful winter solstice, and all that good stuff. We are working here today, but taking the day off tomorrow. Hope you all are having a good time despite any bad, sad, or depressing events (hopefully minimal to none).

Peace, love, and harmony. ❤️
Santa Paws


We started Christmas Eve off with a chicken stew that had cooked in the crockpot all day... making the pups drool. It had a nice Christmas color harmony of green and red:


The tree:



-My wife started collecting stuffed animals the year we got married. We've lost a few to Raphael, the little monster.


Raphael and Pepper are on the bed in the shadows... wondering what all these lights are about.



They're all snug in their sweaters. The temps dropped today and it started snowing. Looks like we're having a White Christmas.



And here's my desk... and the computer I am on far too much now due to distance learning.

"...making the pups drool."

Not only the pups. This evening we had a Takeway delivered. "Just think," I said, as we sat down to the food. "This could be our last meal."
Yep ... yay.... festive joy....my lovely wife is Polish so we go the traditional route which
is ..... open presents Christmas Eve....YAY
I got everything I wanted and more....!

Hope you too....get what you want.....huge thanks to all the 'real' artists here for accepting me
and my stuff...you all amaze me with your artistic talent. If any of you ever want a guitar lesson,
call me....I do guitar like you paint!
No need for dreaming. We got a White Christmas this year... a good foot of it and still coming down!

We put Raphael out to do his duty this morning and the snow was up to his shoulders. He turned right around and ran back to the house. I had to go out with him to get him to go. I'll shovel off a walkway for him later. He ran into the house shivering and sat in front of the heat vent. I put his sweater on and that still wasn't enough. He jumped into the bed and crawled under the blankets snuggling up with my wife.



We normally spend Christmas day visiting my wife's mother and sister and then go over to the younger daughter's house... both a good 45-minute drive from Cleveland. This year we planned on staying home due to the virus. We wouldn't have been able to go anywhere anyhow. The car is under a good 10" of snow with drifts well over a foot in the drive. No snowplows will be out except on the major highways on Christmas.




Merry Christmas all! I'm off to make Christmas breakfast!.
Beautiful snow David, even if it is inconvenient. Easiest was to make a path for pooch is roll a huge snowball out from the door and leave it laying out there, clears all the way to the ground. Of course it may still be laying there come Spring but it serves the purpose. ;)
That snow is beautiful!

It looked like snow yesterday, but it wasn't quite cold enough. 37 F degrees. At least it rained all night. Last Christmas was white though:


I've dropped 42 pounds since this picture by the way! But now I'll probably put it all back on since we bought cheesecake last night.
Our pups act as excited as a couple of kids on Christmas morning. Raphie keeps crawling up on the dining room table to see what else is there for him.



Pepper got upset after Raphie got a new bone and she didn't get one... yet. After they got all their new toys they sat together in bed chewing on them:



ChristmasRaphie and Pepper.700.jpg

After all the excitement... too much excitement... they are both napping together. They'll likely wake up when they smell the ham cooking.