Scavenger Hunt from Life #96: Dec 22 - Dec 30

Fletch & Joan: Thank you.

Joan: Gorgeous 3 styles, 3 medium of holiday sketches...well done... I think drinking some wine may have risen your arts to a higher level
Directwatercolor at a local cafe...
#2 holiday item
#3 plastic flower...wanna be poppy ?
#4 jingle

thanks for list, wonderful art,
Merry Crystmas.

I'll draw something in the next few days when my sore throat goes away
Jo,wonderful,I love this.reminds me of the gingerbread man (cousin of the muffin of the same name, I don't remember the quotes but he told the story of his biscuit, of his family) in the Shrek film, he was super funny, one of my favorite films and characters of all time

(cousin of the focaccina man, who lives in flour, often said this phrase) the last video even if it is understandable in Italian, they threaten him and he has flashbacks
Jo: Wonderful ginger bread, rendered so well with markers pen... love the clear plastic effect. Just warm my heart.

Joe1: Thanks for the ginger bread story.
Ai, thanks. Fun finds at the cafe. Good digital sketch.

Jo, I love the cookie. Makes me want it even though I don't like gingerbread.

Joe 1, I think those gingerbread clips will give me nightmares. lol

Nothing new from me. Here's an updated, colorized version of the continuous line Christmas tree.

#6 sub. gingerbread with Thai style christmas cookie...directwatercolor then ink
#7 indigo ... a pair of my sandals ... done in directwatercolor
#8 chocolate ... done in directwatercolor


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hello everyone! a few years ago, I used to participate in these on Wet Canvas, (known as 'Epoh') & I'm so glad I found you here!
I got my first sketch in today... pen, watercolor, & white gel pen
1. alcohol
2. berry (on fake mistletoe)
3. chocolate (generic M&M 😄)
4. domino
Hope: Welcome back ... glad you found us. Cool set. love the bottle ... Cheers !!!
Ai, thanks. I like your direct watercolors of the chocolate (of course), indigo sandals, and cookie.

Hope, welcome! I'm glad you were able to find us. Great sketch! The bottle is great. Now you're set up for a sweet, a drink, a kiss and a game. You've got it all.

I did one sketch after posting earlier. I don't have any mistletoe but instead i have mistletoe's friend, Holly that I found on my walk this morning.
7 - holly - continuous line with watercolor added

Hi all, hope your Christmas was super. Your other days or holidays, too. I thought I had commented earlier, but guess I didn't. Sigh.....

Ai, your Christmas tree sketch is super. You look great in the photo. Interesting and great dinner. I bet the brule was so tasty. Love the lone ball on the tree and the bell. The wanna be poppy made me smile. Beautifully done on all. The Thai mistletoe is colorful and beautiful. The find of the cookie is so much fun. Love the "indigo" sandals. Yum, yum for chocolate.

Fletch, I'm pretty sure the sketch was pre-margarita. Joan's wine seems to help her so maybe I should have sketched after!! Your coffee arrangement looks good, too. We used to drink Folger's, now it is H-E-B, our local Texas grocery.

Joan you made me laugh on the coffee. I always had to have fresh and now I'm with Gene drinking warmed over coffee. I still like fresh better, but I dont drink as much if I warm over. Your continuous line drawings are amazing. Wow! The poinsettia is so brilliant. The santa looks real and friendly. Your colorized version of the tree is so pretty and just keeps you looking and looking. Beautiful holly. Our youpon (a Texas type of holly) nearby doesn't have any berries. We had a lot at the other house. I think it is gender of the trees/bushes. And....look at the fog! Well done.

joe1lt, Hope you are feeling well, now. Hadn't seen the Shrek film. Thanks for the links and fun.

Hope, Welcome!! Your alcohol bottle is so good. Clever with the mistletoe. The domino and candy are cute together.

Joanna left last night and Brandon, Jennie (and grand-dogs) and Larry left today. Larry was curious about my markers and watercolor blending of the watercolor markers so we played with that before he left, but nothing recognizable or real for a sketch here. He took this photo of some of the things we had out. When I went to put them away, I had a shopping bag full. Ha.

IMAGE 2023-12-26 23:42:33.jpg
Joan: Thanks... Beautiful foggy plein air

Jo: Thanks... Sound like you had a fun getting together on Christmas. Wonderful set of
Christmas treats... enjoy !!!
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Ai, wow, the museum is amazing. Don't know how you can plan ahead like that. I get so lost. Looks like you are having fun!!

I sketched at my footstool in the living room. It is very quiet around here!! Left overs to eat. The "kids" took some, but still bunches of goodies especially. These chocolates were in a gift basket from friends far away. Not the best but still chocolate, ha. These are in the BookFactory sketchbook with a Micron 08.

Number 5 chocolate and Number 6 tree - a small tree that sits on the counter. It is getting very bedraggled.


Jo, I got some select new pens, markers, inktense pencils, and an Art Graf tailor shape that a friend has been using. It will be fun to play with some new materials. I just need to find a way to organize all the "stuff" I have so I can find it when I want to use it. I like your tiny tree and who can resist sketching or eating chocolates. lol It must be very quiet once everyone leaves.

Ai, thanks. Your building in direct watercolor came out great. You added just enough lines to highlight the structure.

9 - books (not open) sketched at the library today since it was another wet, gloomy day - watercolors and ink