Falls Overlook

P. Barrie

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Oils on stretched canvas, 32” x 26”, painted from photo I took at Taughannock falls park. Worked on this on and off for more than I normally do. Finished for now.
C&C welcome


Close up
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Outstanding! All of those areas of light and shade!

My gran used to do two thousand + word jigsaw puzzles. This would make for a tricky one. The name Taughannock sounds like it has scottish origins. Bannock/Kilmarnock for instance. Anyhow, let the technically useful C&C begin...
Thanks lain.
According to wickpedia
Several possible sources have been proposed for the name Taughannock, all of which describe Native American origins. One translation suggests that the name is derived from a combination of Iroquois and Algonquin terms[20] meaning "great fall in the woods".[21] An alternate theory suggests that the name may refer to a Lenni Lenape (Delaware) chief named Taughannock who died near the falls during a battle.[21]
Agree with Ian, I wish I could paint light and shadow like that!
What a gorgeous painting.
The Native American origin is as it should be, of course. Thanks for the info.
Holy WOW! That is an incredible painting. The light and shadow is outstanding for sure. I also LOVE the brush technique. A billion stars for this one. ❤️
Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Thanks very much to all of you. Much appreciated.