West Dean – Chalk Stream


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One from a photo I took earlier in the year. Chalk streams are at threat from climate change, so it was good to see this one in good flow. The little bridge is displaying lumps of lava rock, and the cast iron Colebrook Dale garden chair was a popular product from the first commercial iron furnaces. Centuries later, climate change, and at West Dean they are trialling recycled concrete as a mulch on the boarders in this scene to help retain moisture.

C&C Appreciated. Thanks for looking. Arnie

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20 inches
This is so luscious, I want to crawl into it and daydream!

Beautiful treatment of the water, the foliage is lush, and your texture is perfect. Love!!! ❤️
Gorgeous Arnie. I love everything about this one. The color and the texture are outstanding! ♥️
Great job. I really like this one especially the way you did the water.
Lookee all that texture!

Well done, Arnie- excellent depth, and your foliage and water are colour-feasts!
How lovely. It's a while since I've seen a chalk stream. I just love the range of greens and all the textures in the foliage. I would would love to sit on that bench awhile. 🙂