Old factory snow pleinair


oil painter
The factory nowadays functions as a restaurant with salmon dishes as their specialty. This was refreshing but warm pleinair. I was prepared for very cold day by the river but against all odds it was warm with no wind. Oil on canvas, 16x12 in. Working now more in studio on this painting.

In the 2nd photo you can see the steps 🐾 going to the river, they weren't mine. I stuck close to trees trees. I don't want to take a swim this time of the yr.



C&C welcome 🎨🎨
Nice work moscatel! As for steps, it looks like someone brought you a cup of coffee from a river bellow, which would be awesome :)

What a nice place to set up and paint. Your painting shows the subtle differences between the whites of the snow and building so much better than the photos - even the sky looks white in the photo. You came home with a very good painting!
Wonderful! You warmed up a cold-looking scene with your light colors. Great looking building, too - I like hearing that it's evolved into a restaurant. :)
Great start! I have a big respect for you pleinair artists. Facing the elements. I swear there is nothing like learning/ painting in real time in real light. I love good landscape paintings. It is the observation and the mastery of values. I just don’t see it as evident as in pleinair. Pls post your finished work for us to see.🙂🙂
Bravo for braving the elements 🌧️ Lovely painting. The shade of white you chose for the building - takes it to another level.😃
Zoran, thank you! Coffee cup from the river 🤣 now that you mention it does look like that. P.S. I actually carry warm coffee in thermos when painting snow. Usually this place is very busy with ppl walking their dogs in the paths all around, nice paths, but for my surprise there came only one person with her dog near.
Donna, thank you. Your right it's a nice place to spend couple of hours and paint.
Sno, thank you 💞
Wayne, thank you .. it's refreshing to be able to change from green fields to white snow.
Terri, thanks! Yes, it's cool that there's a restaurant now. I paint so few structures/houses so I was sure I can't make anything out of this scene so this was a good practice.
Jo, thank you! Missing summer and pleinair already. We still have tons of snow and ice everywhere here in Helsinki.
PaintBoss, thank you so much! I try to get the studio piece done and posted. 👍
Bongo, thank you! Pleinair is always little bit harder in snow than warm summer day. But I miss pleinair this time of the year so much.
Arty, thank you! 💞
gbritnell, thank you!
Thanks for pointing the tree line out (y) I didn't notice it by myself. We become so blind 🫣 to our own work.