Cottage Garden IOM


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Did this at about the same time as the previous post of the Sidelit House, switching between pastel and acrylic, again from the same Virtual Paintout views of the IOM.
This was done much more quickly than the pastel, and it shows.
I like it anyway.
20 x 16 in acrylic & tempera/brown Kraft paper.

lots of room for improvement
I like that it is done quickly--the gestures are so free and abstract. Just my kind of thing. ❤️
Lovely...I particularly like how you've created depth.
The in focus and out of focus is brilliant, there is a lesson for me to learn here.
This is absolutely super!! Exciting composition, great palette, great depiction of the light coming from the left hand side, the plants in the middle that you managed to convey brilliantly with very gestural strokes, the roof tiles, the expressive sky.... All of it seems to be moving, dynamic....
A great piece!!! I love it.
Geez Nufocus ! Thanks !
That's a lot of valuable input and analysis that will help a lot in figuring out what I am doing that's right, and the direction to go. I am taking it to heart.

Just as an initial hunch, I am going to switch back to using more tempera with the acrylic again, as I did in this one, because I think it sort of frees me up, but at the same time forces a more gestural technique, if that makes sense.