Back Door Daylily


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Old but loved . .
9x12 ins pastel/cardboard

Bad photo, here is one closer to real life

Sorry about that, there was no way I could find after posting and then edit, to delete the first image
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Beautiful! I like that both images are here for comparison. It is truly pretty. I like all your techniques and am learning from you.
Beautifully done and I love daylilies. Mine are all orange. I love the dark background you used. ❤️
Between Senior memory problems, poor eyesight and too many balls in the air, I miss a lot of kind and welcome comments such as these and do not respond timely. I hope no one feels slighted.

Lain - Thanks. Yeah, it's amazing how often we don't see what is on our very doorsteps.

Arty - Thank you and your comment is appreciated, as usual. I also am learning things from your works, both in technique and in interpreting a scene.

sno - And thanks to you too. I love daylilies also and am overwhelmed with what the hybridizers
have been able to do with them, some unbelievable beauties.
That looks like a cool place to be on a hot afternoon! So nicely done, and as was said, mysterious.