Another Still Life

P. Barrie

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Another 15” x 12”, oils on Arches Oil paper, painted from life. Light from sliding glass door. This paper is very absorbent during the first passes, probably should gesso it or seal it, but really don’t like the bother. Objects seem to be leaning, especially the pottery piece. Probably due to my sitting so close to them while working. I get so focused on color and value that sometimes make drawing errors.

Beautiful! Yes, that blue against the contrasting orange works so well. Smart. The light is sublime, and I think those reflections make it perfect. I just ran across a piece of that Arches oil paper, but I have not yet ever used it. I think I'm scared. How can it absorb the oils???? It doesn't make sense, but you are proof that it works. Of course, I'd never be able to do anything as good as this though.
Marvelous ! The colors and draftmanship, of course, but the reflections are world class IMHO.
Wow, that is truly an excellent painting! I once did a painting on a test piece of Arches Oil paper adhered to a thin, aluminum panel, by RayMar. It worked very well.
Any skewing of objects is irrelevant when you have such gorgeous pure colour. I find this a really striking painting.
Thank you all for your supporting comments. I don’t concentrate on still lifes. Find myself getting caught up in details rather than expression. Suppose if I’m really going to challenge that, I should do that in still lifes...
I have to take your word for it about the errors of which you speak. I cannot see them. I can, however, see something that could be construed as an error, an impossibility where a fidelity to life is the goal. It seems to me you are such a bloody good painter that a digression from the objective could be of value.
P.Barrie, my favorite piece from you. I like the oily feel of objects. So beautiful painting, so rich with color. 🧑‍🎨
Thanks to all!
Lain, a digression from the objective would be of value for me, as it might be more stimulating and show in the work. Just not sure how? Maybe less method and more risk taking.