thanks for the nice words .
Fedetony thank you very much for the advice.
ams, fedetony, EP ,Triduana wonderful job

i tried a colored digital drawing. I would like to ask for advice, if the previous drawings without color are worth it or better, coloring asks for 10 times or 50 times the time of the drawings I do without.
looking at him,

reference, it was more inclined, I don't know if I should have considered it finished or perhaps add texture?, fur, some detail in this one, and perhaps if the face should be highlighted with a line

View attachment 31429

..last question, does this digital brush have grain, is it ugly to look at?, i use this one because i find it easier to use and i like it quite a lot, doubt and if grain avoids making it more realistic if i could make fewer mistakes, maybe i should use one more for the details, but I didn't find it suitable, one I was thinking of looks like a little brush, the one I only use in pencil, I didn't think, bo
Looks like it is good for fur.

Might want to try wood grain, grass/brush to see if it does those, too
Thank you for the nice comments. :)

Joy, I think you are right - it needs a bit more colour in the flowers, I'd like them to stand out more so the butterflies look a bit more grounded. I think I was worried about overdoing it. I'll get back to it when I'm home.
Kay - those butterflies are beautiful... well done
Joe - nice second entry :). As suggestion, I would only do strokes in the direction of fur, when drawing fury animals..., also use smaller tips and randomize it but follow an order, like first do the back and continue towards the front.. then all strokes lie as the fur, over the other ones...
Fedetony,(I asked to make sure I translated correctly because I don't speak English) You were saying to draw the fur, where does it come from? thanks
2023-06-30 23-40 pecora.jpeg
Lovely painting Vivien, I like how soft the wings look. Nice granulation in the sky too 🙂
Thank you Joy and Kay. Dont know why its posted so huge! Its bigger than in my sketchbook! Sorry Im so late with it.