This is a small watercolor on Arches 140CP, about 6 x 7. Three colors were used - Winsor Violet, Phthalo Blue, and Indigo. I originally tired it in a sketchbook, but the cheap paper made it look like the proverbial dog's dinner, so I tried again on the Arches. The painting is more turquoise in color than appears in my photo.

It seems a bit weird at the moment. One eye which as brilliant vision and the other still bad . I am waiting to hear about the date for next operation.

Joy I love your picture and I agree with Triduana that it is beautiful.

Here is my contribution . It was done in intense inks .
Joy, fantastic result, you used the 3 colors to the fullest, the shades seem many.

Rainowl2, best wishes.
Wonderful wolf.
Christel, wonderful work on a brown background.

I haven't drawn yet, in the next few days I'll try some references and publish.
a couple of days ago some photos I have already chosen and saved
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Joy, your porpoise is beautiful. I love the multiple shades of blue that you used. Wonderful work on the shadows.

Lesley, I love your wolf. The eyes and expression are perfect. The inktense worked well here. Glad your eye surgery went well.

Very nice Christel. I like the serene feel to this.

Here's mine for this month:

20230617Sk8 White Puppy (WAC-CS).png

Ink and watercolor in XL Mix Media sketchbook, about 5" x 6".

Penny, thanks for stepping in and hosting this month.
Joy love your dolphin. The water reflections on the head are great.
Lesley love the color you added to the wolf. It really gives it a liveliness.
Christel Great expression on your wolf.
Penny your puppy is just too cute. Great job.
Lesley, thanks for hosting! Your wolf looks great - wonderful directions of fur, choice of colors, and expression. You have been so rapidly improving. So glad your eye sx worked out well.

Christel, excellent using the different colors so closely to get the fur effect.

Anne, great expression! He looks so lovable.
Joe, nice work! You are getting better at drawing the shape and direction of fur.
thanks for the nice words.

TamPaints you have painted a wonderful dolphin. nice to see the process too.
Rainowl - love your drawing of the wolf, the eyes draw you in. Great use of colour too.

Christel - great job, love the texture of the fur!

Ann - your puppy is so cute. Lovely.

Joe - wonderful, I really like the expressive lines.

Tam - lovely take on the ref! I love the pink in the background. Enjoyed seeing how you put it all together too.

Mine is started, but I need maybe a couple more hours to get it finished. I might be too busy to finish in time (I'm away next week), so if it isn't done by Sunday evening I'll post it anyway.
Here's Looking at Ewe, Kid
Mostly squiggly marks except the nose, eyes and ears. I'm still not good at marks- either way too exuberant or too many, but for a lost sheep, it'll do for a first.


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Hi all, is a bit latecomming but I finished. Acrylics in yupo paper 120x80 cm.. Yes is huge... and the frame was damaged while shipping... I'll replace the glass...
Dolphin painting 120x80.png

Here in the frame. looks really nice...


but.. Is broken in left upper corner :( ... well, I'll replace the glass soon...

I'll come back to comment on others...
Joe, nice puppy.
Tam,I love your dolphin.
JStarr,nice sheep. I love the title too.
Federico, nice work on the dolphin. It's too bad the frame was damaged.