100 Best Paintings by Painters


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I bumped onto this on youtube --"100 best paintings by painters" -- but aren't all paintings by painters? Anyway, it's 11 minutes long - but if you watch it at double speed as I did it will only take 5.5minutes - and I noticed that there is ONE THING that 96 out of the 100 painting had in common.

Well... out of the paintings in that video I only counted 10 that I might include in a list of the 100 Greatest Paintings:

Bosch- Garden of Earthly Delights
Van Gogh- Starry Night
Gericault- Raft of the Medusa
Raphael- School of Athens
Delacroix- Liberty Leading the People
Monet- Woman with Parasol
Klimt- The Kiss
Botticelli- Birth of Venus
Bruegel- Hunters Returning in the Snow
Rubens- Self Portrait

With the exception of the Van Gogh, nearly every painting was "realistic" to a great degree. No Expressionism. No Abstraction. Nearly half of the paintings date from the late 18th through the 19th century... most by academic painters of that period. Almost every painting included the human figure/face. No Vermeer? No Velazquez? No Michelangelo?!!! No Ingres? Fra Angelico? Fra Filippo Lippi? No 20th-century painters except for Klimt and while the Kiss is his most well-known painting I would question whether it was his finest. Absolutely no art outside of Europe! Japan, China, Persia, The United States... none of these make the cut? No painting older than Raphael with the exception of that Botticelli? Again, that's the bias for "realism". No Giotto? No medieval art. No Ancient Roman or Greek or Egyptian Art? So what would your list look like?
the thing I noticed along with the heavy tilt toward realism was that all but 4 included human figure/face. It would have been nice for them to provide the list of painters that chose those paintings.
It looks like it was put together by the ARC... grand defenders of the manner of the 19th-century French Academy and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Their site has some truly fine HD reproductions... but they lack any appreciation for art falling outside of their narrow range.
I can't agree with a lot of them, but no one would agree with mine either, so there you go. It would take a long time to put it together.
Bongo thank you very much for the video.
I hadn't noticed the channel before, I'm seeing that there are a lot of similar videos, with 100 or more works but of individual artists, many incredible artists, I still haven't seen the whole list of names, I have seen two of these videos for now, the one on Klimt and the one on de chirico. it was already nice to see these and know about it so thank you very much.

about this ranking,
the rankings, I am fighting on the rankings, I think I have to take them with the springs, however, end up intriguing or thinking about it.

personally I would choose 100 artist names and 5 or 6 works for each one but in any case I would be sorry and fought both in the choice of the artists (and I know much less than I deserve or would like to know) or the works.

However I agree with what you have written in the comments and in the lists so many remain out and the tastes will count.
ah, thinking about what he said Stlukesguild,
I think a ranking made with some names taken for each era or movement would be much fairer. (something like that )
in ranking.