Avant garde, eastern europe, drugs and how we think about art history


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So i was thinking about paintings done under influence of various substance and remembered that time in polish history )1920's= when one could commission such thing. In Witkacy's portrait firm one could pay for type c portrait which would be then painted under influence of "C2H5OH or drugs of higher category" the first one is ethanol in case you had similar knowledge of chemistry to me. Anyway i have covered him and some other art history in old video ive made about avant garde in poland with special focus on not well known and quickly dissolved movement called "formism", most of art history known to westerners doesnt really cover this place, anyway here it is, maybe itll get an interesting reaction video <link
I definitely wish i covered it better, it feels a bit dry and boring, and not well structured but yeah here it is.

example of a portrait with substances listed: