Welcome to the Weekly Art Event!

The prompt for this week is: COZY

Create some art that is inspired by this week's prompt. Let your imagination soar. Turn on your creative juices.

All media and styles are welcome (drawing, painting, digital, photography, sculpture, multi-media, representational, abstract, etc.). It can be something done quickly, a finished work of art or anything in between. It can be created from your imagination, from life or a photo reference. If you use a photo reference, please make sure it has no applicable copyright restrictions.

Post your finished (or unfinished) art in this thread. Post any time during the week. If you're a little late, just post when you are finished.

Tell us a little about the work if you so desire. For example, you could include the medium you used, where you got your inspiration or how long it took. When you post, it's always nice to "like" or comment on posts made earlier in the thread by other artists. We all like acknowledgement of our work!

Let the prompt spark your creativity. The most important thing is to have fun.
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Thanks, Kay! You do so much for the forums. We are fortunate to have you.
Sustainable Heating Produces Cozy Conditions! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

This system is easy to adjust, too - if you want it warmer, add a dog; cooler, remove one! 🤣🐾🐾
Ha! I like the illustration and I heartily approve of the heating system :)
And I think you've set the bar for the "cozy" theme!
This system is easy to adjust, too - if you want it warmer, add a dog; cooler, remove one! 🤣🐾🐾
Kay - Thanks for hosting

- Love it! Just add one eh! Ive only got Pippa, and shes a heating system all on her own in my bed every night! Cant imagine what 5 would be like? Do you get any sleep with all the pushing and shoving and jostling for position? Great painting!
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Thanks, Viv. 😁It can be quite a huddle! When I had three dogs of my own and Melissa’s 4 whippets came to stay, I was often left with very little space, but lovely and warm! Nowadays, Indy sleeps in his bed on the floor and usually only Nico, the Italian Greyhound sleeps under the duvet with me. The other two whippets sleep on the couch.

I bet Pippa, being short haired, is a little warmth generator. 🐾🐾
Kay, thanks for hosting this week.

Penny, delightful and very cozy.
My is a dog too. This is from a reference from Pixabay.

This was done with Artrage digital oils. I started with a freehand sketch and then worked on top of it with oils. I lay down the colors roughly and then work with the palette knife to get what I want.

This was a great prompt this week Kay. It will be interesting to see what people come up with during the week.

20211203D Peek-a-boo  (WAE 12-3, Pixabay).jpg
We would love to see Pippa!

Anne, your brown dog does look quite comfy and cozy under its blanket. Excellent choice and rendition!

Although I love our 3 cats, to me cozy is that first cup of coffee each morning, brewed in the dark and sipped in the light. I used a ref from Morguefile free photos as the polkadot cup was too cute to pass up. Watercolor on my very last page in Arteza sketchbook 5.5x5.5, 110 lb. cold press paper.

Polkadot Coffee.jpg