Monthly Art Prompts - March 2024


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Create some art that is inspired by any of this month's prompts. Let your imagination soar. Turn on your creative juices.

All media and styles are welcome (drawing, painting, digital, photography, sculpture, multi-media, representational, abstract, etc.). It can be something done quickly, a finished work of art or anything in between. It can be created from your imagination, from life or a photo reference. If you use a photo reference, please make sure it has no applicable copyright restrictions.

Here are the prompts for January. Have fun interpreting them.


Post your finished (or unfinished) art in this thread. Post any time during the month, as many times as you would like.

Tell us a little about the work if you so desire. For example, you could include the medium you used, where you got your inspiration or how long it took. When you post, it's always nice to "like" or comment on posts made earlier in the thread by other artists. We all like acknowledgement of our work!

For help in finding reference images online, click on the link: Tutorial: How to Find Copyright-Free Reference Images.
If you have copyright-free images that go along with the prompts that you would like to share, you can post them in this thread for others to use.

If you would like to provide prompts for a month, sign up here.
Not done this moth, mind you, but here's a donkey... :)

22-40 Donkey profile Oil on Masonite, ACEO.JPG

Oil, ACEO.

22-40 Donkey profile Oil on Masonite, ACEO b.JPG
brianvds, beautiful work, I like it a lot, and in such a small format, it is a very beautiful work and I like the format and look of the painting. nice

Jo, thanks, yes, I remember the reference you posted, I'll put the link here, so anyone who wants can see it,

by Jo

I'll also post the link to my attempt,and photo



my attempt

I didn't put it initially because I will try to draw another donkey or more donkeys this month, for this month's animal challenge
on both forums there are photos of donkeys and raccoons that I haven't drawn yet but they are animals that I was thinking of drawing this month.
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from forum
guy who almost never hosts who has selected references for this month is obsessed with donkeys and raccoons,

Now and then I have opportunity to visit a local nature reserve, where they also keep donkeys in an enclosure...


And then they also have these rather peculiar donkeys in pajamas:


Other attempts,donkey.

Brianvds, hope you don't mind that I have your photos, thanks

On the contrary, I am honored. :)

As it turned out, I had occasion to visit the same nature reserve again a day or two ago. The donkeys are still there, so I took a few more pics:

2024 Donkeys 0326_135658.jpg

2024 Donkeys 0326_135738.jpg

2024 Donkeys 0326_135755.jpg

2024 Donkeys 0326_135818.jpg

And also some of the pajama-wearing variety:

2024 Zebra DSC_8571.JPG

2024 Zebra eye DSC_8556b.JPG

2024 Zebra portrait DSC_8574b.JPG

2024 Zebras DSC_8473.JPG

2024 Zebras DSC_8537.JPG

2024 Zebras DSC_8591.JPG

As an aside, whatever photos I upload to the web, I consider to be in the public domain, so feel free to use them.
Brian, thanks very muh.
other beautiful photos, both of zebras and donkeys, nice, I think I'll take this opportunity to practice draws, thanks
What a great collection of photos and drawings of donkeys.

Joe, thank you for hosting. I'm glad you jumped in. I wasn't sure if there was interest in the challenge anymore and I was involved in another project. Hopefully, anyone with ideas for the challenge prompts will jump in and post them.
Hi everyone - I'm sorry this thread didn't get a sticky so it would get noticed more! Great fun this month - love all the donkey photos and sketches. ❤️

We're now in the very beginning of April, and I didn't see a host yet. I can leave this thread "stuck up" for anyone who is interested or still finishing up work for this challenge.

If there is a new challenge for April, someone give me a holler and I can get it in place!
Anne, Terri, thanks for the kind words about donkey drawings.

Terri, Anne, since there isn't a post for April yet, if it's not a problem, if you don't mind, even if it would be the second in a row, I can create the post for April, then in May another user will create it who will eventually provide availability for that month.