Two New Forums


I made two new forums in the Media & Technique category: Ink and Marker Forum (for those of you that need something more exclusive than just Drawing), and an Artist Trading Cards Forum. Let me know if you think these forums belong in a category or have more suggestions. :)

Do you have a forum where I can post some of the demos from wetcanvas? I have a couple.
I suppose they are tutorials as against demonstrated paintings, - House portraits and Putting Figures in your Paintings.
In the Artist Trading Cards Forum, can miniatures also be posted?
WC defined them as "For traditional mediums, textiles and cameos the size guidelines are that the area of the original piece may not exceed 30 inches squared (approximately 194cm² for our metric members). To determine the size of your piece, multiply the length by the width. So 5" x 6", ~4"x ~7", etc would be largest...
You can post any size you like in the Trading Cards Forum. No offense to WC (I loved it there for over a decade!), but we are our own forum and I feel the "rules" here are much looser than WC in that regard. Traditional Trading Cards (I think) have a specific size, but I think artists all over the word have broken those rules quite a bit and rules (in art) are meant to be broken, right? ;) ♥️