They Done The Mash ...



11 x 14 oil on paper .. Alla Prima .. Knives ..
This one I simply applied the paint to the paper and did my mixes there instead of on the palette .. just like mashing potatoes .. push pull and believe it's going to be suitable when you get through. Left a few holes but from a viewing distance they are like the salt and pepper: they just add extra flavor. As an example I put in big blotches of lemon yellow and then into it I put blue and then into it whatever I felt it needed. It was fun and I may try that approach again today. For those who don't know I am always a day behind. What I post today I painted yesterday. I don't have and inventory of any size and I don't post oldies 'cept in the What's Next Thread. keep flooring me Wayne. So many great ones. This one is no exception. Great colors again. :)
Your technique to mix colors on paper worked great. I like the effect.

What do you do with all of your paintings? They must accumulate pretty fast.
Thank you Jo. By all means. A lot easier cleanig a knife than a brush.y

Thank you Arty. That's why your floors are so clean. I never knew.

Thanks Federco

Thank you Anne. I do keep some but most go to the 🗑
This is one brilliant beauty, Wayne! What a palette - it is singing to me. Perfect fall day painting.

Whatever you did...keep doing it my friend! I never tire of looking at your work. ❤️
I love the density and variety of the textures in this one - all the marks really tie together well for me, and the rich, thick autumn colours are wonderful.
Wayne, this mashing technique sure gave you some glorious and fresh fall colors. All this one needs is a frame!
Your palette on this one is wonderful !
I find it a very appealing painting and hope it makes it past your trash bin.