Snow Bound


Snow Bound.jpg

11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 28/24
I ran out of reference images today but woke up to about 3 feet of snow in places. So wet my snow blower could only push 6 inches at a time. Then I got half done and the damb thing stuck in reverse. I don't know if it froze up, iced up, or I broke a belt. Got it back in the shed and tomorrow I will see if it was froze or I got another problem. Wet wet snow. Hate that crap.
Wet snow is the heaviest and therefore, the worst to deal with! Icky! I hope it just locked up because of the weight and it'll be fine.

I really love this painting! What a beauty of piled snow! (Ours just finished melting away - got warm enough to rain instead!) The log is a nice curved line. I like how you placed the trees: one on either side, but one in front and the other in back. Nicely balanced!
Lot of nice texture in the snow. I sympathize on the snow blower, I have one parked right by our front door so we can escape the house. So far only light snowfalls.
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That is a great composition, Wayne, and I like the palette you used. Hopefully soon it will be the lawn mower’s turn to act up.
Thanks Zen .. they sure are nice when conditions are right. Today they were all wrong. Hopefully she is just slushed up. My xBrother in law
was shovelling last week because his snow blower broke and he died of a heart attack before he got finished. He was 2 months younger than me and was my BIL because he met my sister through me. Unfortunately their marriage didn't last. Nice guy, down right shame he passed so soon in life.

Thanks Donna .. yea, lucky for me I have a neighbour up the hill a bit who is quite handy on them and he has fixed mine a few times over the years. I don't have a lawn like the rich boys I have all these green things mixed in and yellow and purple and I just mow it and it looks good from the road. :ROFLMAO:

Thanks Bartc
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Beautiful painting, sorry about your X brother-in-law. This weather is taking its toll. Thinking of you.
I think it's beautiful, no matter the ickiness, heaviness, or the problems. The light in the snow dabs on the tress are just wonderful. ♥️