The one I wasn't going to post (and shouldn't have)


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I have run into some pretty difficult commissions in my time but this one was right up there amongst them. First of all there was the time crush and then here is the story: The girl's mom(the lady in the photo) was killed when she was young, the girl wanted her two kids (the children in the photos and the lady in the first photo's grandchildren) sitting on their grandmother's lap (grandmother never saw them). All these perfectly lovely (not!) photos are what I had to work with to achieve the portrait they wanted. I'll post all the photos first and the painting at the bottom. The lighting is different on each photo and the sizes are completely different but the cowboy hat didn't fit on a lap and the little girl's bangs hid her eyes but yet that is the hair style they wanted so I had to use the whole pile of photos to make a patched up mess. They are tickled with the results so I guess that is all that matters. :giggle:


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Excellent job! And I mean JOB! Whew. What a job it was. It turned out so good. You'd never know what a pain in the ass it was by looking at it. It looks beautiful! ❤️ The hands are so perfect.
Thanks Arty! That's why I posted all the photos I had to use. . . . so I'd have an excuse for anything that was wrong with it. 😁
Wow! That was a difficult request and very brave of you to tackle it. I don’t think anyone else could have pulled it off so beautifully.
You have gone above and beyond on this one. You could give photoshop a run for its money.
Thank you Nufocus. I'm not real tickled with it myself but the client likes it so I guess it is a success.