Animal And Wildlife Challenge May 2024

I'll post my work and then return with comments:


Joy - yay the stick insect! Yay the funny bird (chicken?). The parrot fish looks so splendid with the enlarged lip look
joe1lt - yay swirly fish and the fun kitty :)
Christel - lovely seagull.
sanlynn - yay wet eyes on your critter
EP - Nice composition, as usual. And I love the way you put some towel animals in. Very creative.
Nice work EP and Joe.

Here's mine. 5"x7" in XL Mixed Media Sketchbook. I am continuing to experiment with Intense pencils. This time I used them as watercolor. The difference between inktense and conventional watercolor is that they are permanent (in reality, semi-permanent) which allows multiple layers of color without lifting the layers beneath.

I started with a freehand pencil sketch, then added ink using Pigma Micron over it. I ink from the front most area to the back.

When the inking was finished, I scribbled some pencil on a Caran D'Ache Palette and then picked up the color with a damp brush. On the larger areas like the shadow, I wet the area first with clear water since Inktense dries very quickly. The rest I painted wet on dry.

20240521 Praying Mantis (WL Challenge).png
Joy - thank you
joe1lt - thank you. Fun digital drawings including the grazing animal
Anne - thank you. Great job on the stick bug
Anne, the mantis is beautifully done. I just love the realistic, delicate shadow. Thanks for the explanation of how this was accomplished.
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