Animal and Wildlife Challenge, March 2024

2024-03-17 12-27.jpeg
Christel - well done on that white bear cub and the magnificent ears on the 'phant. OOOh colours in the the tiger fur!
Joy - yay the colours bursting from your proud little European robin :) I was going to ask what's the difference between European robin vs American Robin but I looked it up. American robins are larger, migrate, and join in larger groups to migrate. "American robins are members of the thrush family, which makes them good singers." from
Sanlynn - I can almost hear the "ee-awww" noise from here :)
joe1lt - aww look at the tiger. Ooooh birds! Interesting story of how your life took twists and turns. I can tell you enjoy animals from your sketches :) And thank you :)
Joe, more interesting sketches.
EP, you managed all in great form and the giraffe is my favourite, too!
joe1lt, More good work. Love all the poses and gestures.

EP, your sketches are always fun and interesting to see. I'm a horse fan. And, you know you make me smile.
Heres mine, and sorry for running so late! The little elephant really appealed to be painted. 7"x6" watercolor sketchbook Watercolor and Inktense Pencils
Awe, it’s so cute, Vivian! Nice contrast in its body and I love the way you did the grass.
Wonderful collection of images. Thanks. So many good works. Decided that this month I would post. Regardless.
I've done a few quick bird sketches- 2 minutes per bird, except penguin pair. In A4
sketch book using kids crayons and acrylic pen. No edits. Not sure I want to meet the chick after dark!
Well done on your quick sketches. Nice form and very identifiable. That chick does look a little aggressive.
Vivien, the elephant would go well in a children's book. Beautifully done.

JennieJo, love your fierce chick and graceful lines on the penguins. All good.