The Birth of Dan


Sorry for those of you that have seen this one. This is The Birth of Dan. It is oil and paper on raw linen, 20 x 16 inches.


Dan is a recurring character of mine that is not a cat or a dog, nor a horse or a bear, but he may be all of those things, or perhaps two people in an animal suit. He has a whole story I keep on my website if you're interested. Here, only his head is pictured because he is being born out of a Gimmel machine. His first words were yellow. Yes, I'm a little weird, I know.

Comments welcome! ;)
Thank you Cindy! I really appreciate that and you taking a closer look and reading all that schpeal! ;)
Im still trying to figure what im seeing and thats an good thing i like the most in paitings. the work with the colors thew shapes the position. well done.
He's like your spirit animal, only not really an animal. Whatever he is, he is utterly charming and I love him!

I struggled more with "Gimmel machine" than with Dan. ....sewing? Quilting? Something else?
Welcome to the world, Dan! It was interesting to read that you need Turpenoid Natural to exist. I guess we all have some unusual necessity. (This is a great piece of art!)
Thank you Terri and Donna.

Terri, Gimmel is a Hebrew letter and it is often associated with money. I made this with in hopes that Dan would bring me good tidings. :)
I don’t know what a Gimmel machine is but he looks as if he was born from a ream of paper, which also works.😊❤️❤️
a fun and imaginative painting! and to top it all off, the story of Dan. are we getting a Mrs Dan and their son Glen anytime soon? lol
Thank you Perry and Michael. I appreciate your comments. I'm not so sure about Dan taking a wife. He is a loner kind of individual. Art is his life partner. ;)
Artyczar, this is terrific and I too just ready the story of Dan ....such a great storyline and the painting above is wonderful. I look forward to Dan's continuing storyline sequels in the way of your artwork. :) :)