I posted a work called "Connected" in the Mixed Media forum and a few people really liked it. I have a whole series of my character named "Dan" who is a non-descript animal. He is neither a dog or a cat, a horse, or a bear, but he could be all of those things, or even two people in an animal suit. I've written some absurd little stories about what he's all about and the far-off lands he comes from.

This one is called Danarama. It was made in oil, manila paper, and embroidery on linen. It is 30 x 30 inches and was purchased by the Precision Cancer Center in San Francisco.

Arty, I remember seeing it before. I liked it then and I like it much more now! Great piece. And I’m sure it hangs proudly on one of their walls.
Thank you Nufocus and Wayne. Glad you remember it Nu. ♥️ Thank you both for your feedback. :)
Thank you so much Lazarus, Donna, Kay, and Iain. I really appreciate your feedback, encouragement, and comments--so much! :) ♥️