Speedboat Series Tool Room - SpBt


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I could just as easily named this one "Speedboat Parts Bin" , both names harking back to my days as a factory laborer where the Tool Room and parts bins were vital to the work.

Here I just sort of collected some of the various passages I had painted so far in this series and tried for a pleasing arrangement. I obviously will use some of these for further development of the series.

I used some new iridescent blue paint in the big wavy diagonal and it really stands out IRL; don't know how it will show here.

18 x 24 in - acrylic/paper
P1000428Speed Boat Tool Room.JPG

I turned it to portrait orientation and like enough to use for the next few paintings, I think.

What I love about your work, Trier, is the free and easy and natural look to it. It says to me: "I had an inspiration and here it is!" This piece certainly does that plus it works in either orientation. The iridescent blue is super.
The blue is striking but doesn't show that it is iridescent. Iridescent paint doesn't photograph well. I like the portrait orientation best for this one.
WOW! It's been a while since I've laughed at a painting! Yours is teriffic!
I agree with Sno and prefer the portrait format on this. Something about it that way makes it more interesting. Beautiful piece with a ton of movement. ❤️