Start Of Speedboat Series


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These painting studies are being posted in this Abstract/Contemporary Forum because even though there are ‘landscapes’ shown, they are abstracted to some degree from the previous abstract study in an consecutive linear progression.

The first painting is a realistic one of a Speedboat from the late 1930‘s testing out a new propeller in a secret run at night. I was very interested in this subject back then.

An experiment to see how many abstracts I could find in, or inspired by, the Speedboat painting.

All of the subsequent studies are derived from this one of the Speedboat but in abstracted form, and/or they contain elements of the first painting but in a different composition.

I show the original and the first abstract I made from it, and I tried to keep them in order of execution after that.

Just by way of an explanation, (skip if easily bored) I took the white wake of the boat in the original and made it the the red wedge going in the opposite direction in the abstract, and so on with the mountain range and cloud formation and orientation.
I named the studies so that I could keep better track of them in the computer files.
This is an open ended series, as every now and then I see something.
The series is identified by “SpBt” when I post,

Speedboat Prop Test - 18x24 Acrylic/paper

The moon & reflection are tissue paper collage

Ancient Starship Log 16x24 Acrylic/paper

for easier comparison:
#3P1000139#1&2 combo.JPG

Me too. I particularly like the balance of real/unreal in the first. And the depiction of the wake, whitewater produced by the boat. 👍