Some recent-ish watercolors


Latest: (Afternoon Pools, 23 x 30 inches.):


Off the Grid, 23 x 30 inches:


David's Little City,
16 x 20 inches:


Bad Relationships,7 x 10 inches:


Depression, 7 x 10 inches:

I've seen the top two before and always did like them but the clothespin and the can are really great. Kind of my kind of paintings. ❤💙💜💚
Well then congratulations!! I can't remember if it was finished when I saw it or not. I remember the progress on that second one.
That is an amazing video Arty, and an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it. ❤ 💚💚
Thanks Sno. That video took about a year to put together. We all worked hard on it. I original was hiring my friend Jonathan Nesmith and his girlfriend Susan to do the animation, but it turned into a total collaboration. I could not have done it without them. Jonathan is the son of Mike Nesmith. I've known the family since I was 16.

Thank you Kay. That clothespin turned out particularly well. The others weren't as good as those two, as they weren't items as defined as those. Those junk pieces that were found in the desert have a longer story in itself. Not a long story, but a different one and all found scattered in Death Valley.
Thank you so much trufflecat. I appreciate that. I had fun (and a little bit of a challenge) doing David's Little City, but I sold it shortly after I finished it. :)
These are great, I especially love the first! I watched the video too and liked it very much.
I recognize the second piece, still love the way you painted the sky. The first one is new to me and I like it almost a little bit more, I think. Enjoyed the video as well, esp the animation at the beginning.
PSA, Thank you. Wow. I can't take that compliment fully though. I had help with that movie, which really became a collaboration, not just hired hand.

Thank you xie. It seems people did like that first one more since I sold it so quick and still have that second one. It's interesting because honestly, I didn't like how that first one turned out at all. Ha ha.