Bedroom Piece .. Sculpturcha .. larger format.


Big  Picture.jpg

30 x 40 Inches .. Oil on Panel .. Alla Prima .. Painted Dce17/23 give or take a day ..
I had the panel sitting in my basement for about 2 years. I never got around to doing the piece. I wanted to change the painting in our bedroom but I guess I had not gotten the inspiration or I was afraid of the larger panel as I've been working 11 x 14 or the last 3 or so years. Anyway, one morning I decided today was the day and I put on my music which is a compilation of Newfewland Music like Grey Foggy Day .. nice soft ballads and a few from the rock "n' roll era like You Never Can Tell. Tried classical but it's just to bumpy for me. This took me 4.5 hours from entering the studio, changing into my painting gear, mixing my paint, painting, cleaning up my paint, changing, and being back upstairs.

Here are a few close ups. backwoods, dark water, grass 'n' snow



And here is the resting place of the piece. My wife told me not to include the bed as she had not made it yet.


... and I listen to my wife. Shes, the love of my life.
I'm just smitten with this! That's a stunning piece, whether it took 4.5 hours or over a period of several days. Your blues always make me say "wow," and I love the little spectral highlights here too. Looks awesome in this frame! Applause! 👏

And you're a good hubby for respecting your wife's wishes. ;)
Thank you Terri. Black in blue is the secret to dark blue water. It’s easy to respect her wishes cause she is all to me.
Thanks Zen.
Thanks Sno. I was surprised how well it went. I guess I was expecting a big fight.
What a beautiful painting and it looks so good on the wall! It must feel good that you got the panel out of the basement and gave your wife a new piece of original art. The frame is perfect!
Thanks Donna. I lucked out frame wise. I wasn’t sure it would work but it does, so bonus. Btw…she loves it.