Scavenger Hunt #101: Jan 28 - Feb 5

Jo, PineCone, Joe1: Thank you.

Joan: Thank you. The purple vine is a local variety... yes it gives you the similar feel of wisteria. Fantastic, giant globe with the kids playing scene. They had the best field to play.
Joan, the Unisphere is so cool. You do direct watercolor so well. The kids are having fun.

Ai, thanks.

Hi everyone...

I sketched out on the porch. A 5 x 7 pastel on Pastelbord, wiped off of course. Left a dark background for painting on. The board was dark green to start with and had red flowers so is good for a landscape or waterscape.
Number 8 waterscape - the east pond



Of course the light is different now.
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Ai - Pretty purple roadside flowers. Nicely done.

Joan - Thanks once again for some great memories. Took Sharon to the World’s Fair when we were dating. Also a fav picture of Sharon’s is of her parents sitting on edge of water feature under the sphere. Nicely done. Thank you. Like the winter trees.

Jo - Have you ever done a bad pastel? 😂 Love how you did the water.

Thanks to all for kind comments.
Hi Everyone! I am on my phone. We lost wi-fi service so this is the only way I can look and post. Hopefully it will be resolved tomorrow.

Ai, thanks.

Jo, Gracias! I like the depth of color you got in this one.

15 - rocks/boulders- watercolor and ink
Fletch, so glad the Unisphere brought back good memories for you and Sharon. It was one of the few places my mom let us go to alone as long as we were with other people. I have a lot of good memories from there.
Joan: Wonderful happy rocks...extra treat by seeing them by water surface !!!

Jo: You live in a beautiful place...seeing people activities near the pond and the playground and the walking path... peaceful life. !!! Gorgeous glowing pastel work.
Fletch, I do love pastels. They are most forgiving....and fast! Thank you for my smile today.

Joan, your rocks just glow and the background pushes them forward. Lovely. Thanks.

Ai, thank you. We do live in a great place. Who knew we would be so lucky.
Ai, thank you for your kind words. Love the blind contour sketch of the hornet. Don't know if I would want to be near one even if it was already dead.

Jo, many thanks!

I had a busy morning. I had to go to the cable company and pick up a new router...and then try to follow instructions to install it. Of course they had instructions if you scanned the QR code on your phone, but as usual that didn't work for me. I was on the phone with the cable company for 2 hours. Finally I have the internet, landline, and Netflix back working. They make things so complicated!! Hoping. to get out and sketch something since the sun is actually out today. Will be back later.
Joan, thanks and thanks so much for hosting.

I do not mean to rush the current Hunt but I just want to post the next Hunt#102 here before I forget as it is already Feb 6 in Thailand.
JoC great spacious waiting room.. I find it hard to capture spacious rooms. Love the different body languages all in a short time. You were IN THE ZONE!

Fletch, very atmospheric divided bowl .. Nice

Ai- Gorgeous, gorgeous neighborhood sketch…

Joan - you captured the environment feeling of that artist’s sculpture in a simple muted way that steals in to the heart.

No sketches from me but I have already compiled the list for hunt #103🙌
Joan - Nice pen work on the rocks.

Ai - Your blind contours have a resemblance to the subject! Super!

Thanks to all for kind words. I dabbled with watercolor today and will post in watercolor group later.

keep sketching