Slade Farm


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Did this a while ago now – finally getting round to posting it. It’s a view of the entrance to the farm we stayed at, to go with Slade Cottage which I previously posted. I used gouache on the far white barn doors, and was thinking of reworking them – not sure they sit correctly – but have now decided not to rework them.

C&C Appreciated. Thanks for looking. Arnie

Watercolour, White Nights + touch gouache on Arches NOT about 14x10 inches.
WOW .. this painting is my favourite! Painterly and yet real. Just love the harmony of this piece.
I wouldn't have even noticed anything wrong with the far white barn doors before you mentioned and I think they have nothing wrong. Stunningly beautiful.
Such beautiful work on those old buildings, Arnie. I love the sense of distance too!
Wonderful! I love how the little road leads the eye through the painting into the distance. Great job on the stonework of the buildings.

A beautiful painting, all the way around. ❤️ Those doors aren't bothering me in the least - glad you held off tinkering with them.
Thanks Wayne, moscatel, snowball, Donna, Jo, Ayin and Bongo - much appreciated, and sorry for not replying sooner - a busy week.
I've posted this on my facebook page now, and other family members have been asking to buy it. I'm going to be mailing the two paintings to the wedding hosts as a thank you, but will have to do another to keep everyone happy! If only this happened to every painting!