Scavenger Hunt from Life #54 Jan. 18–26, 2023

Ned: Thanks... excellent... happy to see your ink experiment with those majestic landscapes. The rocks and tree came out very nice.

I took a leave today and met up with my 12 years ago, sketcher friend from Germany. We chatted and catched up on many aspects of our lives. I got to sketch the Temple of the Dawn enroute going to see her. Once I met her I also took her to the Artist House Cafe/Studio by BangLuang Canal, Bangkok. We had a great time chatting and sketching.

#7 found only in Thailand i) The temple of the Dawn


ii) the Artist House by BangLuang Canal


I began comments and will post what I have but I cannot cover all the lovely work posted but I really appreciate everything you all have posted. Also your excursions with tools and materials are so much inspiring. And to think how we hung together on wet canvas and now we are on hunt #58 SO Cool.....just saying.....I appreciate this place we are making.

Jo - glad for the good doc reports. Nice shrunken sketches. I like the hiding bldgs and all the clash between the stiff plant, nesting circles on pot and the background rectangle brick. Those gloves look ready to quietly sneak off on a finger stroll to where gloves get friskie.

JFletch- neat stack of books...super lady sneaker. love the canvas feel you caught...wondering how you did that!
MPaul- warming cup of coffee...that divider looks pretty mean.

sylwia-that still life sure doesn’t look digital. Lovely piece though - colors and forms so pleasant to look

Joan - love the bluish gray shadows, nicely off set the brown buns. The landscape.....I love how you gave so much attention for sky. It felt like I had been given rare permission to simply spent time enjoying the sky.

Ai wow, that food looks real.....acrylic on adventure. Jealous of you and art friend...glad you have that cause you are a hard working wife, mom and teacher too

NedL- your boulder beach sketches rock!! And thanks for sharing and photos of your trick with water brushs...I am gonna try it out for sure.
Jo -- like Gene's feet, mine are resting just like that right now as I'm typing!

Ai -- Temple of the Dawn is impressive! Thailand is such a colorful place, all the bright colors are cheerful.

Robin, thanks! I like all the colors in yours too. Makes it more fun to look at.

Paul -- the pocket sketchbook is brand "Art Alternatives" and it says "Pen and Ink 145 gsm". I was surprised how well it did the first time I put ink wash on it. Once using the pitt pens, I tried to layer the lightest gray until it got near the medium gray, and the paper started to fail after I put on too many layers ( maybe 10 or 12 layers! I don't think it dried between them... ).

I got out on a walk today after work, and found a place I wanted to sketch, but the sun was setting and it was a long way back to my car, so I didn't have time to stop. Tomorrow and Thursday are likely to be busy for me, but maybe I can get back there on Friday.
Very nice ink sketches Paull. I like the little scene at the Farmers Market.

I like the serene outdoor scenery Joan. Beautiful sky. Amazing details in the coffee place. Nice sketched people in the train and the old gentleman looking at the picture. The grasshopper looks very cute.

AI – Wonderful acrylic sketch and botanical . Very charming keychain and beautiful watercolour of the Temple of the Dawn and Artist House.

Jo – Superb depiction of books and shoes. I like the delicate pastel tones.

Very colourful sketch Robin. Looks like some illustration. You have beautiful and interesting items at your home.

Nedl, I like the rocks and the tree is my favourite.
Paul, just the opposite .. Gene pays me to draw him!! Ha. The other day someone asked him how long we had been happily married and he said 45 years. I said, "Gene it's been 60 years!" And he said, "Well......"

Ai, I'm always happy to learn and see more of Thailand. The Temple of the Dawn is amazing. and you portrayed it so well. The artist house is great. Wonderful to see your friend from Germany again... Thanks for the photos.

Robin, hey. Fun colors and drawings. The bear is so cute and the shoes look comfy. All of us with our feet propped up!!

Hi, Ned. That little sketchbook is super. Hope you get some time for sketching.

Sylwia, wow a new medium and cool drawing.

We are off to Austin today to Gene's Parkinson's doctor, check up. Maybe I can get some local landmark on the way back through town.
Thank you all for your kind words and like. They really make me smile.

Robin: I can see your fun background that helps all your sketches sing even louder... Love them all.

Sylvia: Amazing result of your confident black ink... that is so challenging to me and you made it seems easy.
Fell behind this week in my course as well as sketching and commenting here in the Hunt. Lots as great work by a very fun group of artists. Am off to work on list for the next Hunt which I hope to post this evening my time so Ai has it to start her day.

Keep sketching
thanks for the list, it's wonderful what you have done., very nice watercolor paintings, drawings and inks of various subjects.
I made a drawing, tomorrow I have to take a picture and post it, maybe I'll draw something else from the list first
AI: Great sketches of Bangkok... beautiful area for many beautiful temples.

: lovely sketches I particularly like the shoes they look very comfortable. Friendly looking bear definitely
very talented. Nice sketch of opoen door, old radio, and plant. Colors are very cheerful

Thanks for the info about the ink/paper

Thanks great ink sketch of tea kettle

Gene has my kind of humor great story
Ned, thanks so much for your comment. I love the tiny sketchbook and the 3 pens filled with diluted inks. That worked so much better for the shading. Hope you don't sit on them and make them leak in your pocket. Ink is so hard to get out of clothing. I had some on my pants and in my hair today. That's what I get for not capping my Lamy pen as soon as I was done. I once went to a pen show and they had a great display of inks on a table. I was busy testing out the colors and my hair was in my way. I kept pushing it out of my way until I realized I had bright fuchsia ink on my hands and it was now all over my hair. I had some pink in my hair for a long time!

Ai, thanks. That is such an interesting shaped fruit. Is it edible? What a fun attachment for a key colorful! How great that your friend from Germany is visiting Thailand. Is this her first trip there? Love the temple and The Artist House.

Paul, you should definitely try to go out with the Boston sketchers. Since I've been going out with the NYC group I've been to so many places in NY that I'd never been to...and I've lived near the city all my life. It is great to get together with a like-minded group. We learn a lot from each other and inspire each other.

Jo, thanks. I couldn't get the link for Karin Jurick to open. I'll have to google her. The guy standing in front of the painting is actually one of our members. Ken was sketching the painting. Good job on Gene's shoes!

Robin, thanks so much. I love the addition of the background for your sketches. Great idea!! Cute bear with the accordion! Love those fuzzy they are nice and warm. Your open door and plant scene is so fun!

Sylwia, thanks. Oooh!!! Love the sketch with the India ink and bamboo stick. I haven't sketched that way in a long time. The results came out great!

Joe, don't tempt me with candy...I'm trying to be good. What medium did you sketch with? Looks great!

9 - seen in my town - watercolors and ink


10 - street lamp - watercolors and ink

Joan: Thanks... my German sketcher friend was in Thailand 13 years ago, we did some sketch time together at PhoTemple. So this time is like a mini reunion for us. Love the boat in your home town sketch so much. The street lamp is also nice.

Ned, Jo, Paul, Sylwia: Thanks for your kind words.

Joe1: Thanks. Glad you can share your open candy sketch with us.

Robin: Such a fantastic colorful sketch of the room corner with plant and wooden items.
Sylwia -- agree with Ai's comment... great confident drawing with black ink.

Robin -- those are Tombows! I like all the colors.

Joe1 -- good job on the candy on toned paper.

Joan -- wow those are both great, but for me the second one is special because it really strongly makes me want to be there.
I'll probably sit on them eventually, but I'm usually wearing old jeans when I'm out hiking, so...... :)

I got out this afternoon to the same place I hiked to yesterday! I was happy to be out and sit and draw. It was a bit hurried and the sun set while I was trying to put the color on ( everything turned pretty much orange! ), but I sure enjoyed being there. In my regular 6x8 inch sketchbook this time.

#3 it's supposed to be "green" and "red" because the hills here are covered in green and red ice plant this time of year. I'm too shy or tentative with color still, so it didn't come out as green or red as I was hoping. Needs more green and red!


this picture is from yesterday, from a nearby spot:

See you all in the next hunt!
Been ages since I have participated in a scavenger hunt. It's high time I join in again - I have become very rusty at drawing things from life.

Made of wood, and blue (you'll have to take my word for that!):

2023 Scavenger hunt 54 DSC_4298.JPG

HB pencil on printer paper. Yes, I know, that's pretty cheap. :)
Brian: Welcome back. Nice shading on the set. Don't worry of the paper type ... as long as it strikes your art vibe... cheers.

Jo: Cool Gene's shoe in digi. Hope all things come out OK.

Ned: Marvelous scene, well captured in soft colors. I envy your environment.
Joan, they are both 2 wonderful ink watercolors, scenes that live.

Nedl, fantastic painting of a beautiful view.

Brianvds, you don't look rusty, it's a spectacular page.

thank you all for nice words Joan, it was digital drawing, procreate, trying coloring brushes I had been looking for but I had used less.

, I took the photo of 2 rounds,
it is a small soft toy, round.

a5, pencil 2b

minion peluche.jpg
good stuff, really happy seeing the variety of objects and medium.....

trying to squeeze in a group of five minute sketches
plus photo of art work on cool little mate gourd got for twelve bucks on eBay

10 find in kitchen waffle iron mini
11 tea match’s gourd
12 sharp peeler
13 blue cheap plastic bowl - they are hubbies favorite
14 gloves
15 closed same door drawn open
16 in bathroom liquid soap and faucet handle