Scavenger Hunt from Life #111: Apr 17- Apr 25

Fletch: So sorry for you and the fall on the laptop but do hope you are not in any danger beyond minor fall.

Ned, Jo, Joan: Thank you.

Ned: Great job on the iron bench.

Joan: Wonderful composition and colors thru your ProCreate piece .... love the bright light feel to it.
#4 Dog :)


I will try to post the next one by 7AM April 25th in Thailand.....
Joan, great sketch with Procreate. You can still see your style. Very nice Yacht Yard.

Ned, thanks. Happy you get to enjoy the outdoors! The bench is great, just being there is half the battle. Clever. The dog is cute. Good job on the shadows and curves.

Fletch, hope all is well.

Sketched out the window at the dentist's office. They have the best working folks. We got there at 130, they prepped and scanned for 2 crowns. Made and baked them, put them in and measured for a mouth guard and we were home by 5 p.m. All finished and Gene with no pain or strain. No waiting two weeks with temporary crowns.
Number 7, upright - trees, sign and maybe the water tank?
Number 8, telephone pole - subbing the light pole and railroad crossing stuff.



Both with Micron 03 in the Ohuhu sketchbook.
Ned: Great job with the dog figurine.

Jo: Wonderful ink sketches... Amazing how you find the rail-road crossing and sketch that down nicely.
To all who expressed concern for my health and safety, I am fine the laptop took the brunt of the fall. Now trying to figure out how to get files and apps off the laptop. New computer arrived last night, Great timing as it gives me something to do today as I prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow.

Ned - Nice work in the dog,

jo - Great finds at the dentist, Glad for Gene to hear they completed all with no pain.

Keep sketching
Fletch, happy you are fine!

Ai, thanks. I hate the dentist so sketching and doing puzzles I can block out the experience even if it isn't mine! Ha.
Sketched out on the porch this morning. A bit humid but nice. I sketched in the Ohuhu sketchbook with Micron 03, Sharpie and watercolors about 6 x 9 inches.
Number 9 material - reading material. The top book is illustrated by my Aunt. Bruce Kiskaddon would write a poem and she would illustrate it or she would draw a cowboy scene and he would write the poem. They were published on the Los Angeles Livestock calendars years ago. I had forgotten we had the book.


Ned, thanks. Nice job on the bench. I like the weathered look to the wood. Glad you are regaining your strength...and had a place to sit if needed. The paper pocket palette seems to be a handy addition to your sketch supplies. Nice shading on the dog sculpture!

Fletch, thanks. I don't think digital sketching will ever replace regular sketching for me. Glad to hear you made out better than the computer screen. Good luck transferring all the files to the new computer.

Ai, thanks so much.

Jo, thanks! I like your sketches outside the dental office. It gives us a little glimpse into the area. Glad things moved so well at the office. Love the RR Crossing! Those are always such fun spots to sketch. How great that you have a book that was illustrated by your aunt. I'd love it if you could share one of her illustrations.

I don't know why these didn't get posted yesterday since they were already done.

11 - telephone/utility pole. - watercolors and ink


12 - nutella filled churro donut (sub for jam) - watercolors and ink

Jo -- The books are great, you got really good contrast in that one! I too would love to see one of your aunt's illustrations.

Joan -- churro donut made me laugh, that just looks ridiculously decadent :) I got in the habit a few years ago reducing saturated fats in our diet, and now that I'm retired and doing most of the cooking I'm trying to make more things with light oils, egg whites, etc... after 3 tries, I'm making good molasses cookies and today I'm going to try to make "healthy-ish" apple muffins. Haven't eaten a donut in a long time, but air-fried apple fritters are in my future.... The anchor made me smile, that's great :)

I bought an eggplant at the store this morning for this hunt... it will probably become eggplant parmesan (w/ fat-free mozzarella ... :) ) Hopefully I'll find time today or tomorrow to draw it! I grow different varieties of Italian and Japanese eggplant every summer but haven't had a store-bought one in years. I can't remember if the skin on the store-bought ones is bitter...

Ai, Fletch, lurkers 👋
It is about 5:30 AM on April 25th in Thailand, and the next hunt is posted: Hunt 112

There is still time to add to this hunt too!
Joan, thanks. RR crossings are interesting. The utility pole and hardware store is amazing. Love the way you did the bricks/rocks on the building. The churro with nutella is so intriguing. Would love to try that!! Well done on the drawing, The chocolate looks real tasty. Very clever on zig-zag. The flowery trees have brightened this Hunt. Fun you found the anchor. Didn't get mine done. Maybe tomorrow morning.

Thanks Ned. Oh, you got an eggplant. I was going to, they look so pretty with something green alongside. One of my favorite dishes at our Bassano's restaurant.

Here is a copy of one of my Aunt's calendars. They were two or three folds with ads and info about the Stock Yards. I guess it depended on the month or ?? Most are just front and back, 10 x 5 inches sort of card stock paper. I have a three fold on lighter paper that has a newsletter in it. I was looking to see if there was anything about the calendars on-line and found 4 on ETSY so bought them. Thanks for asking about the calendar!

Out on the other porch where the grill is. A carved rock and anchor sit against the wall. Not sure where the anchor came from. The rock is probably from Peru, an art-a-fake. Sketched in the large Canson mix media sketchbook with Blick gray markers and a Micron 03.
Number 10 wall hanging - subbing carved rock and Number 11 anchor

Hi all, see ya on Hunt 112 with Ned!
Jo: Nice carved rock and anchor...great brick works as well. Gorgeous patio in real life and also your sketch of reading materials. You live in heaven !!!

Joan: Superb donut, and spring pink tree. Gorgeous anchor in graphite wonderful hardware store with awesome details.
Ned, thanks. I make eggplant "parmesan" quite a bit. I no longer fry it or bread it. I just dip the slices in an egg mix and brown the slices in a non-stick pan. I grate provolone and use that instead of mozzarella. It is a lot lighter that way. That donut was decadent, but not as good as I hoped it would be...but I ate the whole thing anyway. The nutella cream inside wasn't as flavorful as I was expecting. At home, I'm always looking for ways to make something a little healthier. Let me know how your apple muffins come out.

Jo, thanks for posting the calendar. I love her illustration with the bulls locking horns! The poem is a hoot!!! What a treasure that is. I like the carved rock and the anchor too.

Ai & Joe, thanks!
Joan -- thanks, I'm going to use some olive oil and breadcrumbs, and brown them in the oven before baking. The apple muffins are pretty good but I'm going to make a couple changes... if I get them really good I can send you the recipe :)

Jo -- yes thanks I enjoyed looking at that I really like that style of illustration! Art-a-fake made me laugh, I hadn't heard that one before. good job on it and cool that you did an anchor too!

#5 Eggplant :) roller pen+WC in 5x8" sketchbook. I had trouble with the purple and fussed with it too long... I get tentative when using dark colors!

Ned, I agree with Ai. Beautiful.

Ned and Joan, My friend, chef, Raymond would grill the eggplant for me as a gluten free person before adding the cheese and sauce. Delicious. He also made the slices a bit thicker. Our new favorite Italian place slices it very thin. I've never made it at home. Hmmm. May try.
Ned - Excellent work on the eggplant! Love the shading on the leaves and the shine.