Scavenger Hunt from Life #111: Apr 17- Apr 25

#8 sub. a wall hanging with a ceiling hanging at the same shopping mall ...pardon my perspective

#9 sub. a bus with a rigshaw

#10 lounging...a mall goer was relaxing on a coin-operated massage chair





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Ai, wow, that mall had so many things. And great that you had time to sketch them. The Seahorse ship is clever. The patio looks nice for relaxing. I always wonder how people can relax in a massage chair in a busy place. They have them in airports. Hmmm. Love all the sketches.
Out on the porch in the BookFactory sketchbook with Micron 03.
Number 4 Yahtzee - substitute Left-Center-Right
Number 5 Rotates - wheel on Gene's walker

Ai, thanks. What a fun Venetian scene from the mall! Who would expect that to be inside? Good sketches of the cruise ship and the service boat. What a fun hanging at the mall. Fun little rickshaw. Looks like someone is comfy in that massage chair.

Ned, fun sketch with the school buses...a class trip? I remember those days when I took my classes on trips.

Jo, cute sub pieces from your games. Great job on the wheel from Gene's walker.

My friend and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens today. It rained the entire ride there, but we had our fingers crossed that the weathermen were right that it was going to clear up by 10:00. It turned out to be a perfect day.
3 - Conservatory sub for house - watercolors


4 - nature - watercolors


5 - cherry blossoms (sub for orchid) - watercolors

Joan, what a beautiful building and surroundings. Love all the flowers. Spring is in the air.
Jo, thanks. We really lucked out with the weather clearing. It could have been a disaster.

Ai, yummy non-dominant hand sketch of the jam on toast!

6 - vacation - watercolors and ink


7 - bench (sub for couch) - watercolors and ink


8 - upright trees - watercolors

Joan, absolutely love the vacation, bench and upright. Your trees blooming have been spectacular.
Jo: Thanks a lot... my non-dominant hand was done very super slow... as I was afraid to make mistake.... the fluency of hand movement is still far less than the dominant hand. ... May be I will try more of wc painting.... Well done on the game piece and the wheel.

Joan: Thank you. Wowza on so many sketches, esp. the plein air. Gorgeous on all. The motel and the florist are super charming and the cherry blossom gave me a feel that I was under the tree canopy, next to you. I love all sketches at the blossom conservatory too.

NedL & all: Hello.
Ai, your couch is great. I can't even "think" it much less do it with watercolor.

Ai and Joan, you both did items with a seahorse on them. I never thought of putting that on the list! Super fine Hunting!!
Jo, thanks so much! I went out specifically looking for a particular motel and didn't find it. I'm glad that one popped up. lol

Ai, love the couch with your non-dominant hand. I haven't tried painting that way. It must feel strange to hold the brush in that hand. Great job!
Joan & Jo: Thank you.

Jo: Great thinking of Seahorse from both Joan's and mine... I did not think of that before !!!
Jo - Nice pen work on the trees.

Ai - Like the hatching on DS paint tube. Cool limoncello bottle. Dog sketches made me smile than laugh when I read they are toys. Cool Venice scene from Bangkok. Cruise ship did not have an anchor? What a fabulous mall. Super job on the rig she’s and the plane. Patio look inviting. Yummy jam. Definitely showing off painting so well with non-dominant hand.

Joan - the loose style seems to fit the cherry blossoms well. The botanical gardens series are simply beautiful. When I get around to including houses in my wc I will be using your work as reference on how to imply lots of detail especially roofs!

Ned - looks like your paper palette is paying off! Neat work on the school buses.

Hope to get something drawn today. Waiting on computer to be delivered then will be busy getting it set up. Not sure I mentioned it but lost my balance and fell on the laptop. The screen splintered in a giant spiderweb making it useless.

Keep sketching.
Fletch, oh my. Not good! Were you able to get it repaired or a new one??? Being without a computer is not good. Thanks for the comments.

I sketched at my computer in the BookFactory sketchbook with a Micron 03. As I was deciding which gutter would be easier I saw a little seahorse woodcut print and moved it to sketch (clipped above the pepper)! Didn't know I had a seahorse. Ha.

Number 6 gutter - my shelves made from rain gutter. These are about 6 feet long. I had across my studio downtown about 20 feet. So very handy. Gene thought of it years ago. I had them in my gallery/studio downtown and at the other house. You can put framed, unframed, bottles, toys (ha, the face thing is red and supposed to be a chile pepper I think) and anything that fits. Nice place to clip stuff.


Fletch, obviously the computer is in bad about you??? I hope you didn't get injured! Thanks for your comments on my sketches.

Jo, you got a lot of items in that sketch. Too bad you were only counted the gutter. You've got some wall hangings there too. It looks like a handy way to display and hang things.

I hadn't done anything in Procreate for a while, so I took my iPad out with me today. For me Procreate sketches take more time than a regular sketch.
9 - boats (substitute for bus)
10 - boardwalk/dock (substitute for patio)

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Wow, a lot here since I checked in!

Ai -- that Bangkok theme shopping mall painting is cool, love the composition. Who would expect Venice in Thailand! :) Like the plane and the rickshaw. That patio is fantastic, there's so much depth and the colors are great, I'm impressed that it's direct watercolor. Your non-dominant hand sketches are good, if I tried that I think the markers would fall on the floor....

Jo -- like your pen sketches, the shapes in the walker wheel are good! Oh -- ha! you found a seahorse too!

Joan -- Thanks, Those school buses were in a little rural town called Tomales and that's where they park the ones they aren't using. Sounds like you had a nice day, I love visiting botanical gardens. I really like the colors in the 2nd and 3rd ones from that day. You found a seahorse to go with Ai's! Those are all great. After spending the last 40 years programming and sitting in front of a computer, all my hobbies are "non-digital" and mostly outdoors... I probably won't try to sketch electronically :)

Fletch -- hop you're okay! My daughter plopped down on her bed and did the same thing to her laptop when she was a teenager.

Another short-ish walk, but I seem to be gaining energy now. Hopefully I'll be back to longer hikes soon. This was at the end of the walk today.

#3 couch sub bench ... lots of things could have gone better with this, but I enjoyed sitting there for a bit, and I like using my paper palette!

Jo - Thanks for the perk into your studio. So much art to inspire!

Joan - Super digi! You may not know all the tricks snd quitks of procreate but you sure know how to create with it.

Ned - great job on the bench, that paper pocket palette is paying off at least fir us who get to share in your art.